Judge agrees to toss Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction

Judge agrees to toss Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction

Judge agrees to toss Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction

After Judge Susan Garsh ruled on Tuesday that vacating convictions when a defendant dies before an appeal was a binding precedent, Odin Lloyd's family was visibly distraught.

Judge Susan Garsh ruled Tuesday that Hernandez's conviction must be dismissed under longstanding case law in MA that says a conviction is not final until a court has decided the merits of a defendant's appeal.

Aaron Hernandez died a convicted murderer, but in the eyes of the law, his conviction has been erased. Based on her ruling, Judge Garsh made it clear that, based on MA law, she had no choice but to clear the conviction.

"This court can not know why Aaron Hernandez chose to end his life. a tragic act that may have complex and myriad causes", she said.

Hernandez was found dead April 20 in his prison cell after hanging himself, prison officials said.

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An appellate attorney for ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez says he believes it is still uncertain as to whether Hernandez took his own life.

The legal doctrine behind Tuesday's ruling is known as abatement ab initio ("from the beginning"). "This is an established common law doctrine".

That means Aaron Hernandez's conviction for Lloyd's mother has now been effectively nullified. They argued that while MA may practice abatement when someone dies before their appeals are heard, it's not a constitutional right. Thompson argued that there is no other case in the history of the state of MA that would set a precedent for Aaron Hernandez's conviction to not be vacated.

Prosecutor Patrick Bomberg had argued Hernandez "should not be able to accomplish in death what he could not accomplish in life".

Not just because his death would erase the conviction, but becuase without a conviction, he may have been owed millions from the Patriots. "I know God is fighting this battle for me".

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The judge cleared Hernandez of the murder charge because he died before his appeal could be heard.

"Hernandez deliberately, consciously and voluntarily chose to end his life". This fact is indisputable.

Despite the ruling, Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III said he will appeal the judge's decision. and will take it all the way to the Massachusetts Supreme Court if he has to. "Despite the tragic ending to Aaron Hernandez's life, he should not reap the legal benefits of an antiquated rule".

"In our book, he's guilty and he's going to always be guilty", Ursula Ward, Lloyd's mother, said after the decision was handed down.

"But I know... one day I'm going to see my son". "Being angry is not a part of me".

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Prosecutors say they will appeal a ruling erasing former National Football League star Aaron Hernandez's conviction in a 2013 murder because he died before his appeal was heard.

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