The Flash: [SPOILER] Dies in 'Infantino Street'

The Flash: [SPOILER] Dies in 'Infantino Street'

The Flash: [SPOILER] Dies in 'Infantino Street'

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash Season 3 Episode 22, 'Infantino Street'. The theory proposes that H.R. actually gave Iris's location to Savitar on objective, used the S.T.A.R. Labs' face-changing device and took her place, meaning Savitar killed H.R. instead.

Savitar killed Iris while Barry and her father watched.

The season's finale will answer the most anticipated question, Can he save Iris and defeat Savitar or Iris is gonna die and later on, he will defeat the time remnant? (Remember when he actually tried to kill Savitar last week?) But Barry isn't one to take no for an answer. We see Barry run screaming toward Savitar and Iris and Iris's earlier-taped goodbye plays during the slow-motion clip. The power source is loaded into the Bazooka, and it should work.

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The reason he needs Snart is that the only power source strong enough to fire up the Speed Force Bazooka is locked away in an ARGUS facility, and Lyla doesn't trust Barry with it after that whole "turning her baby girl into a boy" thing. Perhaps the best parts are when Snart talks Barry out of killing King Shark and the final scene with them. Iris gives her ring to Joe to give back to Barry.

With the power source acquired, the back-up plan of the Speed Force bazooka should have prevented Iris' death, but once again the plan was foiled. If the creators of the CW version of The Flash really want to pay tribute to Infantino, however, they would do well to sit down with a stack of those classic issues he helped shape over the next few weeks before getting to work on season four. He's down on bended knee (h/t Boyz II Men), but just to invite her to STAR Labs, not to propose. Will he follow the foreseen future or do better and be better with that knowledge? Not only would that be entertaining, but it would also be a lighthearted approach to this admittedly serious story line Unfortunately, that potential is mostly wasted here, but it's not entirely the episode's fault. Barry's goodness is his strength. After all, we did just see Barry use face-switching technology to sneak into ARGUS. If this is the end of Iris, at least she got one last great scene with Joe as they each confess a secret they'd never told before.

- Team Flash is working on saving Iris, but Barry and Iris are hanging out in bed? Cisco tries to console he agonizes over the fact that he gave away Iris' location to Savitar.

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The sad music resumes as we see Flash speed toward Savitar in slow-mo while also finally seeing Iris' video message. As effective as much of "Infantino Street" is, it's yet more evidence that The Flash is stuck in a rut, repeating the beats of previous arcs and putting Barry Allen through the tragedy wringer yet again. It should work, since Barry doesn't know about it and thus his memories won't be shared with Savitar, but alas, Evil Barry is too clever and tricks HR into revealing the secret by posing as the present-day Flash. Since time is not set in stone, we don't know for sure this will happen in the finale too.

But wait, is Iris dead?

That Killer Frost-Vibe face-off is here as well.

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