2 school bus crashes have killed 2 drivers, injured students

2 school bus crashes have killed 2 drivers, injured students

2 school bus crashes have killed 2 drivers, injured students

A teen died in a rear-end crash between a school bus and another vehicle in northern Wisconsin died in the wreck. About 20 students were on the bus. Preliminary investigations have determined that the Lakeshore School Bus carrying eighteen students was traveling northbound on STH 112 and slowing to make a left hand turn when it was struck from behind by a auto driven by a sixteen-year-old male Ashland High School student.

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Ashland County Sheriff Michael Brennan told the News Tribune that "excessive speed" appeared to be a contributing factor in the accident. "The actual bumper of the back of the bus, it appears like it went nearly to the back of the passenger seat or the driver's seat".

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The posted speed limit is 55 miles per hour on Highway C, which closed between Highway 83 and 258th Avenue while authorities investigated the crash. Two students were taken to a hospital.

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Pierce said two of the 19 students involved in the crash reported to classes Friday.

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