Chelsea Manning is finally released from jail after seven years inside

Chelsea Manning is finally released from jail after seven years inside

Chelsea Manning is finally released from jail after seven years inside

The day after her sentencing, Manning confirmed through her lawyer that she identifies as a woman. She also thanked Obama for the commutation; her sentence was much longer than those usually give to leakers. As such, she may be entitled to military benefits, including healthcare.

Manning was convicted in 2013 of 20 counts, including six Espionage Act violations, theft and computer fraud, for providing WikiLeaks with a huge dump of secret documents, noted The Associated Press. Manning had been sentenced to a record-holding 35 years in prison for leaking the classified documents, but President Barack Obama had commuted her sentence in his final days in office.

During Manning's trial in 2013, testimony showed that she had been deteriorating, mentally and emotionally. Now it's here! You kept me alive.

She has detailed mistreatment in prison, which has included periods of solitary confinement. The lawsuit claims Manning is at a high risk of self-castration and suicide unless she receives more focused treatment for gender dysphoria, and that she is getting psychotherapy from a mental health specialist who lacks the qualifications to treat gender dysphoria.

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"I hope to take the lessons that I have learned, the love that I have been given, and the hope that I have to work toward making life better for others". A GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign, created in February of this year, raised $157,681 for Manning upon release.

Speaking to the BBC, Manning's friend, the journalist Glenn Greenwald - who was involved in the publication of leaks from Edward Snowden - said she faced a hard life outside prison.

But it didn't come easily.

September 23, 2014: Manning sues in federal court in the District of Columbia, asking a judge to order the Defense Department to provide hormone therapy and other treatment for her gender identity condition.

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Manning was released Wednesday from a lockup at Kansas' Fort Leavenworth. She had to cut her hair, exacerbating her gender dysphoria, Strangio said.

She wasn't able to flee overseas like Edward Snowden, who in 2013 released documents showing that the NSA was sweeping up United States citizens' communications metadata. She now heads to Maryland, according to supporters who set up an online fundraising site that collected more than $150,000 for housing and other essentials as she re-enters society.

"It's going to be Chelsea telling us what her future will look like", Strangio said. He continued, "It made sense to commute, and not pardon, her sentencing". "The reason is simple: her revelations deeply embarrassed not only the Republicans, but especially the Obama administration".

Manning's attorneys Nancy Hollander and Vincent Ward agreed.

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