Duggar Sisters Sue Tabloid and Police After Stories About their Brother's Abuse

Duggar Sisters Sue Tabloid and Police After Stories About their Brother's Abuse

Duggar Sisters Sue Tabloid and Police After Stories About their Brother's Abuse

According to the lawsuit, they say they had spoken to investigators in 2006 about the molestations - when they were all minors - and they were assured their statements would only be shared with police and child service officials. However, Gawker found information on the Duggar family's homeschooling curriculum created through the ministries of Bill Gothard (also accused of sexually abusing young women and girls) - including that the victims are blamed for their own assaults and told that they must forgive if they hope to find favor with God. The outlet dropped the bombshell information about the report in a number of articles but the Duggar sisters argue that under Arkansas law, In Touch should have never been provided details regarding information that pertains to sexual misconduct involving children.

The major TV networks are fighting over an exclusive interview with the four Duggar sisters following their lawsuit against a tabloid magazine and Arkansas authorities who allowed their names to be revealed as alleged victims of sexual molestation by their older brother Josh Duggar.

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Instead, officials in Springdale acted "hastily and improperly" in releasing related reports through a Freedom of Information Act request submitted May 15, 2015, by In Touch Weekly, the lawsuit states.

Four stars of the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting have reportedly filed lawsuits against their city and their local police department.

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The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages, punitive damages against the defendants and "an award of reasonable attorneys' fees, costs and expenses" to the plaintiffs. Soon after the police report was released, TLC pulled 19 Kids and Counting from the air. That was after an anonymous tipster reported the girls had been molested by their brother.

Josh Duggar was forced to enter rehab after stories broke about his sexual abuse of minors, which his father kept hidden from police. The aftermath is not the reason why they've filed the lawsuit, the sisters have said, noting that they're doing it to protect the rights of other minors.

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In all, the four sisters are suing the police, the city, the county and In Touch for damages. The suit alleges that the localities violated state and federal privacy laws in releasing the documents. Now between the ages of 19 and 26, the sisters also claim in the suit that they were, and continue to be, upset by allegations they were "victims of potential incest". The investigators promised Plaintiffs that their statements would remain confidential and not be disclosed to the public. "I see it as a re-victimization that's a thousand times worse". We feel like our story was not being told.

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