Federal Communication Commission Takes Steps to Undo Obama-Era Net Neutrality

Federal Communication Commission Takes Steps to Undo Obama-Era Net Neutrality

Federal Communication Commission Takes Steps to Undo Obama-Era Net Neutrality

Nowhere in the article was there any mention that the actions of the FCC under Pai were a response to last-minute regulatory changes under the Obama administration, which had to reach back to laws and regulations meant for the 1930s telephone industry for their authority.

Finally, the approved measure proposes the agency to eliminate the net neutrality rules - the rules that ban the blocking and slowing of websites, as well as forbid Internet provides from charging websites additional fees.

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In the letter released late on Sunday by advocacy group Public Knowledge, the Oscar-winning filmmaker said the internet was designed so it would not be dominated by giant corporations.

Francis Ford Coppola, director of classic films such as "The Godfather" and "Apocalypse Now", has sent a letter to the top USA telecommunications regulator to urge support for "net neutrality", which prevents internet companies from blocking, throttling or giving "fast lanes" to particular websites. The vote doesn't end net neutrality today, but it does pave the way for that to happen three months from now.

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As you may have heard, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai recently announced his plans to reverse existing net neutrality protections established by his predecessor.

"As long as there are protections in place to make sure there is not content based discrimination and to ensure people get Internet access, I think the free market and the new chairman have the better argument", Henry told us. "There will probably be a lawsuit if the rules are changed". The vote, which begins a period of public comment ahead of final implementation, prompted a flurry of reactions on both sides of the debate. "The political left's desire to treat internet service providers as publicly regulated utilities will erode choice and competition in the marketplace".

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