Journalist 'manhandled' by FCC security guards

Journalist 'manhandled' by FCC security guards

Journalist 'manhandled' by FCC security guards

"The FCC and other government buildings are paid for by USA tax dollars, and officials who work there are accountable to the public through its representatives in the media", said Barbara Cochran, president of the National Press Club Journalism Institute, in a statement.

Donnelly said security guards at the FCC had been "shadowing" him all day, and when he approached O'Rielly and Pai to ask a question, he said two guards forced him against a wall and held him there until the officials passed. Donnelly said he waited in the hallway to asked the commissioner a question on an unrelated topic. The letter asks that PAI include, at a minimum, a detailed description of the incident, an explanation of "any inappropriate physical contact, aggression, or threats" against DONNELLY, an explanation of any potential misconduct or wrongdoing by the security force, a description of FCC security policies for public events, including but not limited to speaking events featuring an FCC Commissioner; and assurance that such an incident won't happen again.

"I could not have been less threatening or more polite", Donnelly says.

An FCC spokesman told NPR journalist David Folkenflik that they'd apologized to the CQ Roll Call reporter about the incident. This is at least the second time a reporter has been targeted by security for asking questions at a public meeting in a public building in the two weeks. He was then escorted from the building.

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The FCC also apologized to Bloomberg News reporter Todd Shields last July when Bucher took the reporter's press badge while he was talking to a protestor, according to the National Press Club report.

The incident comes amid concerns about press freedom and access to Trump administration officials.

"Donnelly was doing his job and doing it with his characteristic civility", said National Press Club President Jeff Ballou.

Pitching questions to public officials in public areas after a press conference is standard practice for reporters who cover government. "But it is completely unacceptable to physically restrain a reporter who has done nothing wrong or force him or her to leave a public building as if a crime had been committed".

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According to a press release, Donnelly was given the heave-ho on Thursday when he asked a question when commissioners weren't in front of a podium. FCC officials apologized to Shields after that incident. I didn't see anyone put a hand on you.

Bucher did not respond to an email request for comment on Friday. The guards were reportedly aware that Donnelly was a journalist. Tom Udall and Maggie Hassan to the FCC about the incident with Donnelly. That's what I want: "I want to make sure that they have a climate over there and a culture that is open basically to the First Amendment", he said.

"I do appreciate their apology, which came only after I confronted them with it", Donnelly said.

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