Labour spending plans to create £58bn hole in public finances, claim Tories

Labour spending plans to create £58bn hole in public finances, claim Tories

Labour spending plans to create £58bn hole in public finances, claim Tories

The governing Conservatives, which have a runaway lead in opinion polls, called the manifesto "a shambles", again attacking veteran peace campaigner, Corbyn.

Asked what success would look like in Scotland where Labour had just one MP, Ms Dugdale said: "I am not going to put a number on it because I haven't produced a list of target seats".

Jeremy Corbyn's chief union cheerleader has dramatically admitted Labour can not win the general election and claimed 200 seats would be a good result. "But I don't see Labour winning".

Labour views the Tory plans as an opportunity to woo the so-called "grey vote" ahead of the June 8 General Election, an important group as older people are more likely to turn out on polling day.

Mr McCluskey listed the Labour leader's portrayal in the media as a major factor which has contributed to his disparaged campaign.

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Issuing a market update this morning, bookmaker William Hill has revealed that betting on the Tories is now outmatching Labour wagers by 10:1. You've got the guy.

Polls show Labour is more trusted by voters on the NHS, education and housing, while the Conservatives do better concerning the economy, immigration, law and tax. "So I believe in these next few weeks, we can do it".

Many newspapers have chose to give their readers a break from election news on the front pages on Saturday, with the latest twist in the Julian Assange story making the majority of the headlines.

With an ever-increasing number of people active on social media, party leaders are each expected to appear on Facebook Live before the election to take questions from voters.

Labour is defending its plans to exert state control over key utilities amid uncertainty over what the final price tag will be and how it will be paid for.

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But it said it would be achieved by exchanging government bonds for shares in the relevant companies, and since profits now used to pay dividends would be used instead to pay interest on those bonds, they would be "no net cost" to the exchequer. Labour will transform our energy, water and mail markets so that they work for consumers.

"Jeremy Corbyn can't deliver any of this", a Tory spokesman said.

Labour's spending plans would open up a £58 billion "black hole" in the public finances, the Conservatives have warned.

"But while his figures are a fantasy, it's ordinary working families who will pay with higher taxes or higher bills".

The manifesto included a tax increase from 40 percent to 45 percent for salaries of between £80,000 (US$103,000) and £123,0000 a year, above which there will be a new 50 percent top rate of income tax.

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