Macron wins French presidency but hurdles remain in campaign to govern

Macron wins French presidency but hurdles remain in campaign to govern

Macron wins French presidency but hurdles remain in campaign to govern

The results, Cardin said, sent the "strongest possible" message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that his worldview has once again been rejected by European voters. "But they do not know France". "France will need you more than ever in the months ahead".

Though Macron's party does not have any members in the current parliament, Macron and his aides are hoping to secure a majority in June to allow him to push through economic reforms to revive an economy beset by high unemployment and sluggish growth.

Ms Le Pen's father Jean-Marie, the former party leader who was expelled in 2015, said on Sunday his daughter Marine's campaign for the French presidency had been undermined by its proposals to quit the euro and the European Union. If he can not, he runs the risk of increasing the anger and disillusionment felt by large swathes of voters on both the left and right of the political spectrum, with the latter group feeling emboldened by Front National's continued growth in support.

Macron, who had never run for office before, celebrated with thousands of jubilant, flag-waving supporters outside the Louvre Museum in Paris on Sunday night. "I want Emmanuel Macron to succeed". En Marche!, the centrist movement he launched in April 2016, have only a month in which they must convince voters to further dispense with the two traditional parties and vote for a brand new entity.

The move was widely derided as a hopeless cause.

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But then he won 2/3 of the vote.

Polls closed at 8pm local time - just seconds later Macron's image was beamed onto French televisions with the projected vote share of 65% to Macron, 35% to contender Marine Le Pen.

As of this morning, 99% of votes have been counted, with the French Interior Ministry having Macron on 66% and Le Pen on 34% - an ode to French polling if nothing else.

Le Pen's loss is a major blow to the anti-globalism wave that has been spreading since last summer's United Kingdom referendum to leave the European Union.

Macron will soon take office and begin working to turn campaign promises into government policy.

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Some of the reforms Macron has floated include the creation of a finance minister for the eurozone , a shared budget and EU-wide social insurance.

Many left-wing supporters felt they could not support Macron because of his pro-business attitudes and policies.

Macron wants to be flexible about the sacred French 35-hour working week, he wants to cut corporation tax and he wants to cut the public sector and its spending.

Macron's camp has said the names of Macron's 577 candidates for the legislative elections will be announced on Thursday.

Le Pen may have been defeated in Sunday's presidential election, but Front National and their increasingly loyal supporters are only getting started.

Trudeau said he hopes he and Macron can work together on a "progressive agenda" to promote worldwide security, increase collaboration in science and technology, and create good, middle class jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.

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