Passengers say man acted oddly before takeoff

Law enforcement officials identify the man as Anil Uskanil, a 25-year-old from Turkey.

Donna Basden said the man "clearly looked out of place", but he didn't say anything.

A passenger on board the plane posted a video on Instagram showing Federal Bureau of Investigation agents on the flight. That's when Uskanil, now apparently wearing a towel or blanket over his head and with his laptop in his hand, was trying to get into the first-class cabin.

The attendant then took off down the aisle with her cart to block the passenger from advancing, saying: "You're not coming in here".

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"This morning at approximately 2:45 a.m., officers with the Los Angeles International Airport Police Division responded to a radio call of a passenger going through a door from the Terminal 5 concourse that led out onto the airfield ramp".

Earlier on Friday, a source at the TSA told ABC News that the passenger was waiting for the bathroom near the cockpit when a flight attendant asked him to sit down.

"Airport Police investigated and determined (he) had been drinking but did not meet the criteria for drunk in public", Los Angeles Police said, in a statement. "(He) was arrested for misdemeanour trespassing, cited, given a pending court date and released from custody". Then, passengers forced him back to his seat. He was ultimately secured there with duct tape.

The official says the man had "tried to breach the cockpit door" and was taken into custody by federal agents when the plane landed.

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Uskanil having a laptop with him may have caused more concern than usual, with USA and European officials in recent weeks exchanging threats about aviation believed to include bombs hidden in laptop computers.

A Homeland Security tweet says there are no other reports of disruptions to flights, but the department continues to "monitor all flights out of an abundance of caution".

American Airlines Flight 31 had 181 passengers and six crew members aboard, said airline spokeswoman Katie Cody, who did not provide details on the incident.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was briefed on the midair disturbance, according to a statement from the department.

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There were no injuries and the man was arrested after the plane made its scheduled landing in Honolulu, though the disturbance prompted the Air Force to scramble two F-22 fighter jets from the Hawaiian Air National Guard to serve as a military escort for the flight as it passed over the open waters of the Pacific and the Hawaiian Islands. AP Airlines Writer David Koenig contributed to this story from Dallas.

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