Pirates of the Caribbean Premiere Photos!

Pirates of the Caribbean Premiere Photos!

Pirates of the Caribbean Premiere Photos!

Thursday's edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show featured Ellen and guest Johnny Depp having a chat as part of his promotional blitz for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. He later admitted he'd be willing to perform the skit on SNL, where Alec now plays Donald.

Johnny Depp is swamped in controversy.

Although, Johnny admits he's never actually seen Alec's portrayal!

Rape inquiry dropped, WikiLeaks' Assange remains in embassy
Per E Samuelson, Assange's lawyer in Sweden, told AP that it was a "day of victory" for the WikiLeaks founder. She said that the abandonment of Assange's pursuit was not a statement of whether or not he was guilty.

Still, DeGeneres wanted to know: "If [Baldwin] ever stops doing it though, would you do it on "Saturday Night Live"?" "But this one, this one I did see because it's the fifth one".

"I just love that fact that he's unable - even worse than me - he's unable to form a sentence that becomes vocabulary that works together, " Depp said.

We also see flashbacks to Salazar as he was, a naval officer determined to rid the seas of pirates, including the young Sparrow (Depp in digitally enhanced mode).

LeGarrette Blount: Carson Wentz 'probably the best quarterback in his draft class'
I am sure that many are aware that LeGarrette Blount was someone that we all had thought to be gone once he would hit free agency. I've been a part of something special before and I feel they have something special building here.

During Alec's recent appearance on The Ellen Show, the actor opened up about Donald coming on the set of SNL.

'There's a style that a president has to have and I think the maliciousness of this White House has people very anxious.

"I stole some of the kind of Perspexy, chunky diamonds that are on that black island that the ship gets wrecked on", he told ABC Radio. I thought, if this is the l- " he began, possibly meaning "last", before stopping himself and saying, "I want to make sure that we're delivering what we need to deliver to the people.

Almost 1.1 Million People Call For Impeach Investigation of the President
As the controversy swirled in Washington , Trump had defiant words during a speech to U.S. Whether you think prices are going up or down, Tradefair lets you take a view.

"I'm just a kid, I guess like they were".

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