The smaller iPad Pro should be coming next month

The smaller iPad Pro should be coming next month

The smaller iPad Pro should be coming next month

The iPad mini was lauched in 2012, and was expected to fend off competition from Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire. While a compelling enough 10.5-inch iPad Pro could help provide a short-term boost to iPad unit shipments, any such bump doesn't seem as though it'd be sustainable over multiple quarters. The monthly shipment volume is expected to grow to 600,000 units in July, up from the current 500,000 units mark. The increase in production indicates that its launch is imminent.

Sources from the upstream supply chain noted that Apple's low-cost 9.7-inch iPad is expected to accelerate Apple's pace on phasing out the iPad mini 4 from the market. But Apple is planning to launch something this year - previous rumors have suggested a smart speaker and possibly a new iPad Pro. The new lineup is expected to feature 9.7-inch, 10.5-inch, and 12.9-inch 2-in-1 tablets. The concept boasts a number of design tweaks, including better support for extensions in the Safari browser, improvements to Notes, Control Center, and much more. Recently, 9to5Mac had spotted a listing for "iPad 10.5" in an accessories maker's inventory display.

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Apple's latest update to iOS 10 appears to be giving iPhone users more space on their devices, despite them not having deleted any apps, music, photos or videos. A 13-inch MacBook Air also will get a faster Intel chip.

The tablet market, and by extension the iPad market, should largely do what it'll do regardless of what Apple puts out (something that has been proven by the continued decline in iPad shipments even as Apple has regularly put out interesting new products). Apple is expected to launch it at some point in the third quarter. The company announced the new iPad in March, featuring a 9.7-inch screen and improved processing power. The Plus variant of iPhones is only slightly smaller than the iPad Mini. I'd like iOS 11 to bring a Shelf feature to the iPad that would let users clip anything with drag & drop.

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Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican who chairs the Senate intelligence committee , called the appointment a "good decision". Chaffetz told Pelley he wants the hearing with Comey to do the hearing "as publicly as we possibly can".

However, the great news should arrive in less than a month when the new version of iOS will officially be presented for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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