Trump willing to try engagement with North Korea, on conditions - Seoul

Trump willing to try engagement with North Korea, on conditions - Seoul

Trump willing to try engagement with North Korea, on conditions - Seoul

The U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has reached out to North Korea, promising no hostile intentions towards the regime.

Wang and former South Korean Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan were expected to discuss ways of containing North Korea's missile and nuclear weapons activities as well as the economic fallout over the deployment in South Korea of the US missile defense system called THAAD. Although it was reported by the having landed just 60 miles from the Russian naval city of Vladivostok, Russia later dismissed the test as no threat and actually splashing into the Pacific over 300 miles from Russian territory. China is North Korea's biggest economic partner and source of diplomatic support and has come under heavy pressure to use its influence to rein in the North's missile and nuclear activities. So let's stop antagonizing North Korea. When asked by reporters in Beijing last week about Pyongyang's thoughts on Moon, Choe Son-hui, director general of North American affairs at North Korea's Foreign Ministry, said her country "would have to see".

The announcement comes as two USA officials told NBC News that the KN-17 launch last weekend was successful and that the missile's re-entry vehicle successfully re-entered the atmosphere. Admiral Harris is in Tokyo to discuss the North Korean situation and other issues with members of the Japanese government, including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, with whom he met May 16.

Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle in talks for White House press secretary job
Fox News responded with a statement of their own, clarifying that the network host is under a long-term contract. In her interview with the Mercury News , Guilfoyle said, "Sean Spicer is a very nice man and a patriot".

"If this goes to a military solution it is going to be tragic on an unbelievable scale, and so our effort is to work with the United Nations, work with China, work with Japan, work with South Korea to try to find a way out of this situation", Mattis said at a news conference.

"Both sides, the United States and North Korea, are showing positive signs of willingness to solve the problem through dialogue", Hua said.

Kim singled out as "more serious" the push by the USA for a new sanctions resolution and the Trump administration's demand for all countries "to decide whether they support for DPRK or U.S".

Iran's president on track for poll victory
Abadpour said he meant to cast his vote based upon which candidate won the support of friends and family living in Iran. Ultimately, it is the country's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who holds sway over Iran's foreign policy.

The remarks, made in a meeting with South Korea's special presidential envoy Hong Seok-hyun, are the latest in a series of signs that the US may be moving toward dialogue and engagement after months of exchanging saber-rattling and harsh rhetoric with Pyongyang.

However, he has also said he is open to talks with Mr Kim.

If the United States "persists in anti-DPRK sanctions without understanding its rival, the (Trump) administration will have to take full responsibility for the ensuing catastrophic consequences", he warned.

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The Post said its sources would not further identify the official, who was described as a person close to President Trump. The announcement, the latest in the shock-a-day Washington saga, was made by deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

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