United Nations envoy Mladenov condemn killing of a Palestinian by an Israeli settler

Perhaps those who expected Trump to be the first president to make good on the promise to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem were kidding themselves.

Does US believe Western Wall is in Israel?

The longstanding USA stance is that the site is in Jerusalem, full stop. Any potential move by the US would likely be viewed as provocative to Palestinians, who claim the city as the capital of a future state, and the leaders of the region's Arab nations.

Pax Christi International, together with its member organisations and partners, is deeply concerned about the situation of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons - especially those who have been on a hunger strike for one month and whose situation is deteriorating. By naming attorney David Friedman, ardent supporter of Israel, as his ambassador to the Jewish state, the president was signaling the foreign-policy establishment that he wouldn't be playing by their rules.

Comey Agrees To Testify Before The Senate Intelligence Committee
Former FBI Director James Comey will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in public sometime after Memorial Day. Trump aides said he never tried to squelch the Flynn investigation nor made inappropriate disclosures to the Russians.

After Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday that the US was still conferring with Israelis on whether moving the embassy would help the peace process or be "a distraction", the prime minister's office released multiple statements insisting that Netanyahu encouraged the president to move ahead. "But I think it can be put aside and allow (Trump's) visit to be very fulfilling and I hope very successful".

Trump reached the decision after he was warned that moving the embassy could aggravate his nascent efforts at rebooting the peace process at a time when the U.S. has seen encouraging initial signs from the Israelis and Palestinians. Netanyahu's office said it was astonished by the comment. Although Israel annexed it along with all of Jordanian East Jerusalem, the Palestinians and most of the worldwide community consider it part of the occupied West Bank.

Israel controls the wall, the nation's top tourist site, and treats it like Israeli territory.

Both Israel and the Palestinians consider Jerusalem to be their capital.

Comey to testify before Senate intelligence committee
Sessions has recused himself from the Trump-Russia probe, citing his close involvement in the Trump campaign past year . In a statement issued on Friday evening, the committee said that it would schedule the hearing for after Memorial Day.

Most foreign nations' embassies, including the US since 1966, are located in Tel Aviv.

Trump's visit comes a week before a deadline for him to exercise a semiannual waiver to postpone action on a congressional decision two decades ago calling for the relocation of the embassy to Jerusalem.

In her Senate confirmation hearing, Haley she "absolutely" supports such a move.

Trump arrived in Riyadh on first foreign tour
During the visit, the PM is also likely to meet US President, who will also be reaching Riyadh for the conference. The issue of terrorism and relations between the U.S. and Muslim countries are expected to dominate the summit.

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