UK's Lib Dem Promises Referendum on EU Deal With Option to Remain

UK's Lib Dem Promises Referendum on EU Deal With Option to Remain

UK's Lib Dem Promises Referendum on EU Deal With Option to Remain

Speaking on Sky News, host Sophy Ridge claimed the party was no longer trying to prevent an "extreme Brexit" but wanted to keep Britain in the EU.

The Liberal Democrat leader said he is "pro-choice now and I was pro-choice then" when asked about an interview with a Salvation Army publication in 2007 in which he reportedly condemned the method of terminating a pregnancy.

"Isn't that a bit insulting to voters?"

'Abortion is wrong. Society has to climb down from the position that says there is nothing objectionable about abortion before a certain time.

Responding to the Lib Dems' manifesto, the Conservatives said the party's "misguided promises" show it would "prop up a Jeremy Corbyn-led government".

He replied: "Quite the contrary we have never had this referendum before because past year we didn't know what Brexit means".

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"We will not let campaigners for a hard Brexit pretend that racism and discrimination are a kind of patriotism".

They also plan to welcome 50,000 Syrian refugees over the course of the next parliament and reopen the Dubs scheme to take in 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children.

She fumed: "That's quite insulting as well isn't it because you are telling people they didn't know what they were voting for". But instead of encouraging them to stay here and contribute to keeping Britain at the forefront of cutting-edge research, this Conservative Brexit government forces them out.

In other words, how people voted in the Scottish referendum carried over into the general election, leading to the dominance of the SNP.

"Theresa May couldn't come on your program tell you what Brexit means because the negotiations haven't finished".

However, recent polling from Sky Data shows there has not been a significant shift in support towards the party, with only 61% of supporters who backed them in 2015 doing so again this time.

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The Liberal Democrats would consider a flat rate of pension tax relief if elected.

The number one issue for Liberal Democrat voters was the European Union referendum, which is at the centre piece of their campaign message.

Tim Farron's party promises tenants they will be able to use rent payments to buy their own homes, young people they will get their housing benefit back and under -21s cheaper bus travel.

However, it's Brexit that lies at the heart of the manifesto - or, to be more precise, the party's opposition to it.

I'd take issue with you about the local elections, we increased our vote share by 7%, the only opposition party that was left standing as a effect of all that.

Mr McCluskey said his comments were made "on the basis of "if the polls are to be believed" and added: "I feel full of confidence now that the opinion polls can start to change".

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