We are one people, Theresa May insists in plea to Scottish voters

We are one people, Theresa May insists in plea to Scottish voters

We are one people, Theresa May insists in plea to Scottish voters

Scottish Labour's manifesto includes promises aimed at creating "transformative change" in Scotland, including moves to outlaw onshore fracking, ensure all primary schools have breakfast clubs and to ban MSPs from holding paid second jobs.

Speaking ahead of the launch, SNP Depute Leader Angus Robertson, candidate for Moray, said: "Now more than ever it is vital that we have a strong group of SNP MPs who can stand up for Scotland, but also represent progressive values across the UK".

The Conservative Party election manifesto has stated that the £300 (about €350) annual payment would be means-tested rather than universal for all OAPs.

The SNP has dominated politics north of the border for the last decade and won 56 of parliament's 59 Scottish seats at the last national election in 2015, following a collapse in support for Labour in one of its former heartlands. Party strategists believe about a dozen SNP seats are vulnerable to the Tories, and several more to Labour and the Lib Dems.

A YouGov poll published on Friday put the SNP on 42% of the vote.

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In the past, prosecutors could refrain from declaring the whole amount to the court so as not to trigger the mandatory minimum. At one point, Sessions said that "good people" don't do drugs like marijuana and said the reforms would "endanger" Americans.

Scottish Labour General Election campaign manager James Kelly said: "The SNP is all over the place when it comes to a second independence referendum". "There was public and parliamentary-stroke-political consent there. And that was the gold standard", she said.

On Thursday, the United Kingdom party revealed their election manifesto, which stated a second independence referendum would be blocked until the Brexit process had "played out".

The Scottish Tory manifesto is more centrist than May's, which was launched on Thursday in key areas.

Referring again to the "coalition of chaos" she claims would ensue if Labour and the SNP combined forces at Westminster, she claimed a Corbyn government would be "propped up by the Scottish nationalists" before warning a vote for another party would have "dire consequences" for the country.

"When these negotiations take place, they're going to take place between the United Kingdom and the 27 other countries within the European Union", she said. "If we fail, the consequences for the United Kingdom and for the economic security of ordinary working people will be dire".

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On Thursday night, federal senator Derryn Hinch outlined details of a letter he wrote to the AFP asking for an investigation. The budget forecast real GDP at 2.75 percent in 2017/18, strengthening to 3 percent through to 2020/21.

The First Minister announced plans for a second referendum after her efforts to secure a special deal for Scotland were rejected by the UK Government.

She added: "Jeremy Corbyn is too weak to stand up for our union even if he wanted to".

"Within our United Kingdom today, great disparities exist".

Under the Tories, Scottish industries would be "at the centre of our modern industrial strategy" while after Brexit the EU's "ineffective structural funds" would be replaced by a new "shared prosperity fund" created to reduce inequalities.

"This carbon copy manifesto confirms beyond doubt that (Conservative lawmakers) from Scotland will simply rubber stamp Theresa May's plans and endorse the damage she is determined to do to households and our economy", said SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson.

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A further 16% said they did not know.

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