Angela Merkel nailed it about Trump

Prior to Trump's trip to Europe, he had met with all of the G7 leaders except Macron, who only took his oath of office two weeks earlier.

Trump lashed out at Germany once again on Tuesday over its large trade surplus with the USA and its low contributions to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation after Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested that Germany and other European countries could no longer rely on the United States under Trump's presidency.

"The times when we could fully count on others are over to a certain extent". Although Merkel has recently hinted that such concessions might be possible, they will be controversial with other German politicians (including senior members of her party) and perhaps with the German public.

Blasts at Afghan funeral kills at least 12
Afghan media reports said the three blasts at the cemetery in Khair Khana area of Kabul killed 18 people and wounded 30 others. The service was being held for a protestor killed in Kabul , Afghanistan, who was the son of a senior politician.

Bell also agreed this week to sign letters to Trump and the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change from mayors, governors, business and university leaders expressing concern about the withdrawal and promising a continued commitment to cut carbon in their own communities.

"Donald Trump is making clear with his tweet that he considers Germany a political opponent", Oppermann said. Modi suggested that India will adhere to the Paris climate accord, while Trump has yet to announce whether he will pull the US out of the deal. "Very bad for US This will change", Trump tweeted.

Trump's shaky grasp of trade policy - or manufacturing in the USA generally - notwithstanding, he has already done grave injury to an alliance of democratic nations at a time when the common threat is more obvious than ever: a territorially ambitious Vladimir Putin. The event was planned for Donald Trump's first visit to Europe as US President.

New Chinese 'Fireball' malware infects 2.5 crore computers in India
The signs of the infection are that the user opens their browser to a home page not of their choosing, and they can not alter. A user's default search engines and home pages are replaced with fake sites, which can track and collect private information.

When looking for global leadership, we will have to start looking at the presidents of Germany, France, and other responsible members of the world community. Yet Trump appeared to say, or anyway let himself be understood as saying, that the U.S. is no longer wholly committed to the alliance. He has a lot of respect for her.

"This will change", he added, though he provided no details on how his administration would force Berlin to pay more to the Western military alliance or shrink what the U.S. Census Bureau says was a $64.8 billion trade deficit with Germany in 2016 (down from $74.8 billion in 2015). If Merkel is anxious about the alliance, she should do less complaining and get to work on ensuring her country does its share.

Over the weekend, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made some fairly pointed remarks about the U.S. This was at a campaign rally. Last December, Politico reported that Trump's daughter, Ivanka, who believes in climate change, wants to use her position as an adviser to her father to change his mind.

Vladimir Putin denies US intelligence claims, says hackers can be anywhere
The FBI is in the midst of an investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian election meddling. What's an ambassador supposed to do? Putin said. "He's paid for holding meetings, discussing current affairs".

Trudeau reiterated an argument made repeatedly to the U.S. president in Sicily, saying: "With regard to climate change in particular, the only way to move forward is to protect the environment while creating the jobs we need for today and tomorrow". As a point of comparison, the United States spends about 3.6% of GDP on its defense budget, although that number will increase under Trump. President Barack Obama in an interview with Atlantic Monthly said some European allies were "free riders" - a term Trump repeated.

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