Nobody at White House will say whether Trump believes in climate change

Nobody at White House will say whether Trump believes in climate change

Nobody at White House will say whether Trump believes in climate change

United States president Donald Trump's announcement that the USA will pull out of the Paris Agreement was met nearly exclusively with disagreement and worry.

An analysis by the Climate Action Tracker, a consortium of researchers, suggests that climate-change policies instituted by Obama would have cut USA greenhouse-gas emissions by 10% below 2005 levels in 2025.

It must have gotten Musk very angry, because he proceeded to tweet how India and China (blamed by Trump as the "big polluters", even though the USA is the world's second largest polluter) are keeping their side of the deal and are much more ambitious than the US.

One World Trade Center, the Kosciuszko Bridge and New York City Hall also changed their spots in order to show their stance against the US President.

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But Britain did not sign a joint statement by the leaders of Germany, France and Italy, who said they regretted Trump's decision and insisted that the accord can not be renegotiated.

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Three states in the U.S. - California, Washington, and NY - announced plans for the "United States Climate Alliance" shortly after Trump's announcement, and others are expected to join.

"We supported the Paris climate agreement and are disappointed by President Trump's decision to withdraw our nation from this important global initiative", said Dr. Gary Kaplan, chairman and CEO of Seattle-based Virginia Mason Health System, in a written response.

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As of June 2, 83 American mayors, including those leading the U.S. six largest cities, have signed a declaration committing to "adopt, honor, and uphold Paris Climate Agreement goals".

While Trump said the United States would be willing to rejoin the accord if it could obtain more favorable terms, the three European leaders said the agreement cannot be renegotiated, "since it is a vital instrument for our planet, societies and economics". "I don't think Americans put things really in perspective".

"I call on them, come and work here with us, to work together on concrete solutions for our climate, our environment".

In Durham, Mayor Bill Bell several years ago signed the U.S. Conference of Mayors' climate-protection agreement. Already, renewable energy investments like the one at Green Port Hull are employing thousands of people, and export markets are growing.

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The consortium also estimates that United States emissions would remain relatively flat if Trump succeeds at rolling back those Obama policies, increasing the country's total greenhouse-gas emissions by 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030, compared with previous projections.

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