Texas bathroom bill could expose secrets of transgender kids

Texas bathroom bill could expose secrets of transgender kids

Texas bathroom bill could expose secrets of transgender kids

But teachers may soon have to disrupt his routine by revealing a secret: This energetic boy was born a girl. The bill would also require public schools to provide single-stall bathrooms, changing rooms, and locker rooms to accommodate transgender students.

"It's like this little ESA mouse running around, and this elephant is like, 'Oh, oh my God, ' freaking out about it and it's tiny", said Taylor, who estimates around 5,000 of the state's 5.3 million public school students would use the voucher in his bill.

"When it passed, I was just devastated".

Some schools have quietly agreed to parents' requests to keep their children's birth genders secret. Today, a staggering 77 percent of respondents who are out or perceived to be transgender report being harassed, discriminated against, or even assaulted in school.

"I'm not certain that we're going home with anything", Huberty said on the House floor late Monday afternoon. It would mandate transgender students either need to use the bathroom corresponding to their biological sex, or use a single stall bathroom. That's the second-largest number in the US after California.

Schools in Texas could be forced to reveal the identities of some transgender students under a bill headed for passage in the state Legislature.

The Senate gave final approval early Monday, sending it to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott for his consideration.

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"We have been clear that discriminatory legislation would have a chilling effect on economic development, make recruitment and retention more hard and stifle investment in Texas", Chris Wallace, president of the Texas Association of Business, said in a statement.

Texas is used to getting dragged into federal courts, which have weakened or dismantled some of the state's most prominent Republican efforts in recent years.

The Texas House of Representatives has passed S.B.

He had called on the House to pass a "bathroom-type bill" and property tax reform.

The House approved the bill on the third reading in a 94-51 vote Monday, SB 2078 now moves to the Texas Senate.

The original House plan sought to increase annual, per-student funding about $210 to $5,350, while raising funding for school district transportation and educating dyslexic students - increasing total spending by $1.6 billion.

Although Abbott is technically the only state official who can call a special session, Patrick can force the governor's hand, thanks to his control of the Texas Senate calendar.

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Sen. Larry Taylor announces plans from the Senate Committee on. "This amendment treats all students the same", Paddie said. But critics note that voucher plans that begin modestly in other states often grew at break-neck speed.

"Some people have built this into some kind of monster", said Sen. The bill also includes Education Savings Accounts for children with disabilities. 2 all over again but this time, Texas legislators are directly targeting transgender kids.

The House is expected to reject Senate changes. Abbott can sign or veto the measure, or let it become law automatically.

Abbott apparently has not taken a public stand on the bill.

The state could soon be required to post guidelines for reporting pregnancy-related deaths.

The proposal passed the state House on Monday, after already clearing the Senate.

The measure was added as an amendment to Senate Bill 2078, which relates to school districts' "multihazard emergency operations plans" to ensure that schools have plans for responding to natural disasters, active shooters, and other unsafe scenarios. "It's about preventing a free pass to sexual predators who are not transgender from being able to walk into any bathroom with any child, any woman at any time", Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in March.

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