Trump supporters plan 'Pittsburgh Not Paris' rally in Washington

President Donald Trump's announcement that America is pulling out of the Paris Accord on climate change mitigation reneges on past USA commitments and sends a negative signal to the world.

It may be years, however, before the country can formally exit the deal, but Trump said he'll immediately halt implementation. Pruitt declined to tell reporters at the White House whether Trump now believes it is real and threatens the country.

A decision by President Trump to pull the United States out of Parisand seek renegotiated terms "fair" to America has drawn widespread worldwide condemnation. "We're supposed to get rid of ours", the President said, adding that the agreement "is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the U.S".

Germany's powerful vehicle industry said Europe would need to reassess its environmental standards to remain competitive after the "regrettable" US decision. Numerous other countries haven't spent anything, and many of them will never pay one dime.

Protestors of President Donald Trump's climate change decision outside of the White House on June 1, 2017.

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On Thursday, he released a video in English as well as French in which he criticised Trump for pulling out of the Paris accord and coined the "Make Our Planet Great Again" slogan.

The earliest possible date for America's official withdrawal from the Paris agreement is November 4, 2020 - the day after the next USA presidential election - although Trump's current term in office is not due to end until January 20, 2021.

"The president believes in a clean environment, clean air, clean water".

If one of them followed the US withdrawal, it would be unlikely the Paris accord would lead to large-scale reduction of emissions.

The agreement was loosely framed so as to ensure that each nation can come up with their own customised solutions to deal with climate change issues.

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"Global warming is occurring, that human activity contributes to it in some manner". A Vox analysis found that Trump has tweeted such skepticism at least 115 times since 2011, describing global warming as "mythical, " "nonexistent, " "fictional, " an "expensive hoax" and "bulls--".

Tillerson on Friday downplayed the move as a "policy decision" and urged observers to "keep it in perspective". New York State, California, and Washington State have formed an alliance to work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are leading to rising global temperatures. "Industry must now lead and not depend on government".

Germany's DIHK Chambers of Commerce and VDMA engineering industry group said United States companies could gain short-term advantages by Trump's decision.

Disney's chief executive Robert Iger and the entrepreneur Elon Musk both resigned from White House advisory councils in opposition to the decision. It is hard to gauge Pruitt's sincerity here, as he has personally expressed the belief that carbon emissions resulting from human activity do not significantly contribute to climate change. "Finally, leadership would also involve training today's coal miner to build and install clean energy such as solar and wind, not sending them backwards into the last two centuries".

Environmental groups were scathing.

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