Al Gore: Trump's Paris decision 'reckless,' but we'll go on without him

Al Gore: Trump's Paris decision 'reckless,' but we'll go on without him

Al Gore: Trump's Paris decision 'reckless,' but we'll go on without him

"We lost a lot of time when the USA did not join the rest of the community then", he said. It continues that "The already leading the world in energy production and doesn't need a bad deal that will harm American workers". "But it laid the foundation for the faster progress that's needed in order to solve the climate crisis in time".

He said that the American people would continue to lead on climate change even if Mr. Trump refused.

Tapper and Gore discussed Gore's meeting with Donald and Ivanka Trump in December, which Gore called "lengthy and productive", saying that he'd hoped the president would come to his senses on the agreement.

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Trump says during a White House Rose Garden announcement that the USA will exit the landmark climate agreement aimed at reducing carbon emissions to slow climate change. Instead Trump announced Thursday the United States will join only two nations - Syria and Nicaragua - in not backing the accord.

Noting drought across most of Florida, flooding in Missouri and 11 once-in-a-millennium rainfalls in the past decade, Mr. Gore said the impact of global warming has reached biblical proportions. Another show business blog, Deadline, reports that Paramount now plans a special limited release of the summer sequel before a country-wide opening. The number one fastest-growing job is wind power technician.

"The renewable energy sector and the sustainability revolution are the brightest spot for economic growth and prosperity in this country".

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The documentary about climate change has been updated for its official July release to reflect recent developments regarding the Paris Agreement and what that means for the United States - and the rest of the planet. Liberals are now working to convince the public it's a Christian duty to support the Paris Climate Accord. The original film represented a sea change moment in America when skeptics of climate change started coming around.

Gore, whose No. 1 issue has been climate change since losing the 2000 presidential election, had watched EPA administrator Scott Pruitt try to dodge the obvious question: does President Trump still believe climate change is a hoax?

Host Jake Tapper began the interview by presenting Donald Trump's commentary on his decision, in which he said that the Paris Agreement "handicaps the United States economy" and doesn't put America first, as he does "and always will". "And the president made clear on Friday that we're going to have an America-first strategy with respect to the environment and global agreements".

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Gore said he is pleased to see others denouncing Trump's stand.

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