As Gulf tensions flare, reports of hacking pour in

Qatar's government said the May 23 news report attributed false remarks to the emirate's ruler that appeared friendly to Iran and Israel, and questioned whether US President Donald Trump would last in office, according to CNN.

In an interview published by Saudi-owned Asharq al Awsat newspaper, Bahraini Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa said conditions posed by the four countries for a resolution of the crisis were "crystal clear".

Trump's bid to fashion himself as a neutral arbiter among Arab governments departed from his stance only a day earlier, when he left little doubt about where he felt the fault rested. "Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!" he wrote on the social media site.

The attacks come amid already heightened tensions in the Middle East, as Saudi Arabia and other Arab states moved to isolate Qatar this week over the Gulf state's alleged support for Islamist radicals in the region and its ties with Iran.

Sheikh Mohammed was also dismissive of claims Qatar supports Islamist groups like the Palestinian movement Hamas, blacklisted as a terrorist group by the European Union and the United States. However, he did acknowledge the authenticity of recently leaked emails from Emirati Ambassador Yousef al-Otaiba in Washington, which several media outlets described as including criticism of Qatar.

Foreigners residing in Qatar and in possession of a Qatari residence visa would also not be eligible for visa on arrival in the UAE, Etihad spokesman said in an email.

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The false report further enflamed tensions between Qatar and other Gulf states (including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates). Depending on who is talking, Qatar's critics hate the light the network casts on their oppression, or they are sick and exhausted of what they see as its agenda-driven "fake news".

Sheikh Mohammed said Qatar was committed to solving the issue via a dialogue and that he considered the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf as the most appropriate format for such talks. Officially, the kingdom accused Qatar of supporting terrorists such as the Islamic State, al-Qaeda but also the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that isn't universally recognised as terrorist (the UK designates it as such but the U.S. doesn't, despite the Trump administration's efforts in that direction).

"We have all kinds of recordings taking place where they (Qatar) are coordinating with al Qaeda in Syria", he said.

"Of course we are all waiting for him to speak", said Sara al-Sulaiti, a Qatari who works in public relations.

On Wednesday, Turkey fast-tracked its plans to deploy extra troops to Qatar - reportedly to train regional security forces and conduct joint exercises - in a critical show of support for the small Gulf state as it faces isolation from its neighbors. "But what the position of the United States of America... is something I can't really say".

Trump called the Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamin bin Hamad al-Thani offering to help resolve the crisis, urging action to combat extremism.

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Both Qatar and the U.S. sought to show the rift wasn't affecting military cooperation. They cited no change to the status of al-Udeid Air Base.

Saudi Arabia's closure of Qatar's only land border sparked fears of major price hikes and food shortages for its population of 2.7 million people, with long queues forming as some supermarkets began running out of stock.

The US leadership vacuum has, however, opened the door for regional diplomacy, with Kuwait attempting to mediate the current crisis. The potential for a coup makes it unlikely the Qatari emir would travel so far from home, especially as its adversaries hint that regime change would be welcome.

Qatari investigators have said that a cyber attack which caused the publication of fake news last month that helped trigger a crisis with Gulf neighbours was prepared in April.

A Western diplomat in Doha said the move was "clearly tied" to Trump's visit, suggesting it had emboldened Saudi Arabia and the UAE to act.

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