Female maths teacher 'had sex with three teenage pupils'

Female maths teacher 'had sex with three teenage pupils'

Female maths teacher 'had sex with three teenage pupils'

A North Carolina math teacher was sacked less than a year into the job after she was accused of having inappropriate sexual relations with three male students, police said.

McAuliffe was arrested Thursday after detectives investigated and interviewed faculty members and numerous students.

According to police, the math teacher's alleged sexual encounters with the three students all took place off campus.

She taught at Rocky Mount Preparatory School which is a public charter school.

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A female school teacher is in deep trouble after being found out to have had improper relations with her own students.

An investigation was launched after admin staff at her school tipped off police about alleged misconduct involving the Maths tutor.

Police said two of the students are 17-years-old and the other is 16-years-old.

McAuliffe is being held under a $20,000 bond in the Carteret County jail, with a first appearance in the N.C. District Court in Nashville set for Monday.

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She was hired at Rocky Mount Prep in August 2016 after a brief stint as a data analyst at a San Diego-based law firm.

According to her Facebook page Ms McAuliffe studied Mathematics at East Carolina University and Methodist University.

McAuliffe's social media posts suggest that she is not married and lives in Rocky Mount with a dog and a cat.

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