Tactical voting to play a big part, says poll

Tactical voting to play a big part, says poll

Tactical voting to play a big part, says poll

'To this end, the legislation has built specific safeguards into the process, such as the requirement for seals to be attached to ballot boxes at the close of poll'.

Once the polls have closed at 10pm, results from constituencies all over the country will begin to trickle in gradually.

People who vote in this way are usually trying to stop one candidate from winning because their preferred choice is perceived as having no chance of topping the poll in their constituency under the first-past-the-post system.

Counting begins and continues through to Friday morning.

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Where is my nearest polling station?

'In the United Kingdom, pencils are traditionally used for the purposes of marking ballot papers and are made available inside polling stations for voters to use.

Tell the staff inside the polling station your name and address so they can check that you are on the electoral register.

If you haven't received your polling card yet, don't panic - you don't need it to cast your ballot. The poll is still running (below) and users can cast their vote.

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When you get the ballot paper, you'll be able to vote in pencil - but why are voters not given pens?

Mark an X on the ballot paper for your chosen candidate. Do not write anything else on the paper or your vote may not be counted.

'What is key is that the integrity of the process from the point that a voter marks their ballot paper to the declaration of the result is maintained.

Here are a few things worth remembering when you turn up at your local station. But as for selfies. well the law does not specifically ban taking photos, but the Electoral Commission very strongly advises against any photography inside a polling station. Dog owners will be glad to know that you can bring your pets to the polling station as long as they do not disrupt the vote.

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