Chelsea star mocks Donald Trump's 'covfefe' Twitter typo

Chelsea star mocks Donald Trump's 'covfefe' Twitter typo

Chelsea star mocks Donald Trump's 'covfefe' Twitter typo

When we asked the White House for a hint of the term's meaning Wednesday, representatives didn't respond before this story was published. He then, in a follow-up tweet by which he seemingly meant to save face, invited followers to play a guessing game regarding the true, hidden meaning of his imaginary word.

President Donald Trump created a social-media circus when he seemingly invented a new word, "covfefe", in a tweet on Tuesday. Lookups fo (r). Regrets checking Twitter.

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"I'm gonna try and go back to sleep now. Enjoy!" The original message, which seemed to have been the start of a Trump complaint about media coverage, soon became a top trend on Twitter.

It means we're fucked, and I know that we all knew this back in November when we learned that Russian Federation had given Trump the election, but the levels of fuckedness keep growing. United. States. of. America. Is. This is who you wanted? The tweet read, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe".

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Comey stop investigating anyone". "There's no ambiguity in it, there's no, 'Hey, I'm hoping, '" Trump said. The pledge came as Trump accused James Comey of lying to Congress about their private exchanges.

At 0830 GMT Trump's "covfefe" tweet had more than 105,000 retweets and had been shared 35,000 times, according to Twitter figures. "Enjoy!" the president then wrote in the morning, seeing the amusing side of it. There is nothing unusual about this, given Trump's penchant for late-night tweets that often result in widespread controversy. So rogue that even his own staff can't control him. Some anxious observers even thought The Donald had suffered a stroke, mid-tweet. Twitter, typically reserved for Odyssean-level feuds, turned into a virtual block party last night, bringing everyone together in riffs, memes, puns, and rapid-fire GIFs.

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