Demi Moore Is Missing Her Two Front Teeth

Demi Moore Is Missing Her Two Front Teeth

Demi Moore Is Missing Her Two Front Teeth

"I sheared off my front teeth", Moore explained.

"But in an effort to get ready for you, I wanted to make sure (both) my teeth were in", she joked.

In addition to playing games, Moore also opened up about her name, noting that she knows another famous Demi - Demi Lovato.

"The most insane thing I've ever seen", Fallon told her after she shared a toothless selfie with the audience.

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The actress appeared on The Tonight Show last night to promote her new comedy Rough Night, and after telling her that she looked "gorgeous", Fallon asked Moore to explain a stunning photo that she had sent the show. "Stress sheared off my front teeth. Because stcity, literally, probably one of the biggest killers in America, after heart disease is stress", said Moore.

She said: "My children love seeing me without my teeth".

In all seriousness, and without going into detail, Moore said she "literally knocked it out" not too long ago.

Gotta give Moore props for discussing her dental drama and highlighting the toxic effects of stress. "Its nearly like it fell out and my warranty was up", she joked to Fallon.

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Divorcing Ashton Kutcher was harder than we thought apparently! I swear to God, go out there and practice modern dentistry.

Seeing Moore use a Snapchat filter that altered her voice gave Fallon an idea. "Thank God for modern dentistry".

What do you think about Demi Moore's honest and courageous admission that she is missing her two front teeth.

We think you look attractive no matter what, Demi!

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