Sessions to testify at open Senate hearing on Tuesday, committee says

Lankford said Sessions's testimony Tuesday will help flesh out the truth of Comey's allegations, including Sessions's presence at the White House in February when Trump asked to speak to Comey alone.

But the top justice official agreed to the open hearing after Democrats on the committee pressed for it. Multiple sources confirmed that the president was disappointed with the attorney general's recusal - a decision Trump only learned about minutes before it was announced in March.

Sessions is likely to be asked about his conversations with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and whether there were more encounters that should have been made public. On the right, reports have surfaced that President Trump has reportedly been steaming mad at Sessions dating all the way back to his decision to recuse himself from all investigations relating to Russian Federation.

"It depends on the scope of the questions", White House press secretary Sean Spicer said, but wouldn't elaborate. "To get into a hypothetical at this point would be premature".

Trump's aides have dodged questions about whether conversations relevant to the Russian Federation investigation have been recorded, and so has the President.

Trump's lawyer to file leak complaint against Comey, report says
The president also denied having asked for a pledge of loyalty, as Comey asserted during Thursday's much-anticipated testimony . One was that he thinks of President Donald Trump as a liar , and anxious about his propensity to lie.

He was questioned over his claim that President Trump asked him to "let go" of the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

"If he was recused, as he says he was, he should not have participated in the Comey firing", Gillers said.

The Department of Justice has dismissed the purported third meeting between Sessions and Kislyak and denied Sessions ignored Comey's complaint.

"Our judgement, as I recall, was that [Sessions] was very close to and inevitably going to recuse himself for a variety of reasons", Comey testified. Comey told the intelligence committee in a closed session that Sessions may have had a third, undisclosed interaction with Russia's ambassador to the United States, according to people familiar with the briefing.

There have been vague reports that Sessions had a secret meeting with the Russian ambassador previous year.

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A US District Court judge in Washington gave the Justice Department one month to make public a page of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' clearance form, on which he was meant to disclose any contacts with Russian officials.

Jeff Sessions prepares to testify in January at his confirmation hearing to be attorney general.

The president tweeted early Tuesday, "A.G. But all the information about his contacts with the Russian ambassador - which I think were either routine or harmless - nevertheless, were not articulated truthfully at the time that they should have been".

"Sessions is expected to counter this, saying he responded to Comey by telling him the Federal Bureau of Investigation and DOJ needed to be aware of official protocol regarding communications with the White House", Swan said.

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