Texans Ranks No. 41 In The Nation For Overall Child Well-Being

Texans Ranks No. 41 In The Nation For Overall Child Well-Being

Texans Ranks No. 41 In The Nation For Overall Child Well-Being

The 2017 Kids Count Profile by the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation was released Tuesday, June 13.

The annual KIDS COUNT Data Book uses 16 indicators to rank each state across four domains - health, education, economic well-being and family and community - that represent what children need most to thrive.

Another improving figure is that about 1.6 million Texas children live in poverty.

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The report, which examines 2015 figures, says over 550,000 IL children live in high-poverty areas and 43,000 IL teens are not in school and not working. "This unfairly burdens our young people and the nation, costing an estimated $500 billion a year in reduced economic opportunities and increased health and criminal justice-related costs". This represents a 50 percent decrease in the percentage of kids without insurance compared to 2010. The report found 71 percent of eighth-graders are falling behind in math, and the same percentage of fourth-graders are falling behind in reading.

It also says about 32 percent of MI children lived in households were parents lacked secure employment. According to the report, only four percent of OR children are uninsured.

Despite those issues, there are several areas where children's health is improving.

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"We've seen really great improvements in measures of health and, as with previous year, we can attribute much of that to the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act", said New Mexico KIDS COUNT Director Amber Wallin. The state jumped from 44th to 37th in the health category since more children have access to care through the expansion of Medicaid and are likely getting checkups and vaccinations. "This is additional proof that the policies enacted at the state and federal levels really do impact the lives of our children and their families".

Tennessee ranked 26th in health, 33rd in education, and 35th in economic well-being. The percentage of parents and children without health insurance has been going down since 2011 but not at the same rate as other states. Meanwhile, the 18 lowest ranking states - many of which have low levels of household income - were in the Southwest and southeastern regions. "We also know that if they're not ready for kindergarten, and they're not reading proficiently by third grade, the hill gets so much steeper for these children to be successful".

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