Trump profited from kids cancer charity, report says

Trump profited from kids cancer charity, report says

Trump profited from kids cancer charity, report says

Forbes alleges one of Trump's sons, Eric and his charity has been publicly touted for years as a charity that spends little money to run and provides millions to St. Jude. When questioned about a 2014 tax filing that showed a almost $88,000 payment from his foundation to a Trump golf course, Eric assured the Washington Post's David Fahrenthold that the Trump Organization made no money from the Eric Trump Foundation.

Ian Gillule, who worked at a Trump gold course in NY, recalls that the now-president became upset when he heard that the charities weren't getting charged for using Trump venues.

In addition, the report found that the Donald J. Trump Foundation might have used the Eric Trump Foundation to turn $100,000 of charity money into income for the Trump Organization.

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President Trump took cash intended for child cancer research and funneled it into his personal businesses - charging his son, Eric, to hold charity events at a family golf course in the process, a report says.

"Mr. Trump had a cow", he told Forbes. You can't write stuff like this, but that is what we're dealing with. No credit?' And he went nuts. Forbes reports that President Donald Trump demanded that his son's foundation be billed for hundreds of thousands in expenses for use of his "free" golf courses. The Trump organization says it will continue to fundraiser for children's cancer research. Forbes revealed that the costs for the golf tournament increased by over 300% that year, but why?

When the tournament began in 2007, the foundation was not billed for use of the course, but that changed when costs spiked in 2011, and Donald Trump insisted the foundation pay for its expenses, according to the report. It is unclear from these tax forms how much of those payments went to the Trump Organization.

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As recent polls show-and as many on social media and elsewhere were quick to point out-the number of people disapproving of President Trump's job performance are at near historic levels-with support for his impeachment now higher than his average approval rating. Golf charity experts say the listed expenses defy any reasonable cost justification for a one-day golf tournament.

Because he wouldn't be a Trump if he didn't also respond on Twitter, Eric offered some choice words for his critics online, too. I have raised $16.3 million for the greatest hospital in the world, that's St. Jude, and I get attacked for it. Barron gets attacked.

While it might have started out with the best of intentions on Eric's part, daddy then got ahold of him and reminded him that just looking good isn't enough if you don't profit directly. That means donors to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which the Trump family themselves reportedly hadn't contributed to in years, saw $100,000 of their donations pass on as revenue to the Trump Organization by way of charges to the Eric Trump Foundation.

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