Former Trump Aide Calls Senator Kamala Harris "Hysterical" for Doing Her Job

Kamala Harris has proven to be an astute and forceful questioner during Senate committee hearings.

Harris was shut down by Republican senators during both the Comey and Sessions hearings, despite her questions being no different than her male counterparts'. But the moments were notable as the second time in a week that Harris, who is of Indian and Jamaican descent and is the only minority woman on the committee, was interrupted by two male colleagues during a hearing. And it caused the usual-suspect conservatives to take to the airwaves and social media to decry Harris as "rude", and, in the case of one Trump surrogate, "hysterical."

This prompted the committee chairman, Richard Burr, into action.

Harris later tweeted that it was "unacceptable" for Sessions to evade her questions, declaring that the American people "deserve the truth".

"It makes me nervous", he told Harris. "Can Sessions point to the policy, in writing, that allows him to not answer a whole host of our questions today".

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"Chairman", McCain said, "the witness should be allowed to answer the question".

"Senators will allow the chair to control the hearing". Beauregard does not answer questions like that.' And nobody called him hysterical? She was also interrupted by Burr and McCain while questioning Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein the previous week.

Democratic senators and left-leaning supporters have pounced on the opportunity to argue against these high-drama exchanges, often turning them into Twitter gold. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), who was censured during Sessions' confirmation hearing earlier this year and inspired the rallying cry, "Nevertheless, she persisted". Harris was wronged and disrespected and the other saying she was once again out of line. Ron Wyden's questioning of Sessions was "by far, the most aggressive of the questioning". She was doing the job that Californians elected her to do - and no differently than the men alongside her, as the Morning Joe panel noted. "I was not interrupted", Mr Wyden said.

This week, it was deja vu all over again, as Harris questioned Sessions about his role as a campaign stand-in for Trump and contacts he had had with the Russians.

Harris: Is that policy in writing somewhere?

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"So, did you not consult [that policy] before you came before this committee knowing we would ask you questions about that?"

"We talked about it", Sessions said. "The policy is based ..."

Mr Sessions testified publicly as part of the committee's ongoing investigation into whether Trump campaign officials conspired with the Russian government to influence the 2016 presidential election.

"Sir, I'm not asking about the principle", Harris says.

"Did you ask that it would be shown to you?" The witnesses, especially an experienced congressional veteran like Sessions knows you can run out the clock if you give long answers and pause, and he's kind of a slow-talking guy.

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Burr: Will the senator suspend?

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