At least 7 dead, 59 injured in China kindergarten blast

At least 7 dead, 59 injured in China kindergarten blast

At least 7 dead, 59 injured in China kindergarten blast

Two people were killed immediately and five others died from their injuries, according to Chinese Central Television.

The number of children killed is not yet known, but Feng County authorities suggested no pupils of the kindergarten had been killed.

The blast occurred as children were being picked up from school in the city of Xuzhou in Jiangsu province on Thursday, police said.

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It is the latest tragedy to strike a kindergarten in China in recent weeks. Another witness said a "bottle of cooking gas" had blown up causing the blast. Sixty-six people were injured in blast that rocked the school yesterday, while no children or teachers were among the casualties, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. The videos showed ambulances arriving and medics wheeling people into an emergency room. It was later revealed that the fire was intentionally started by the driver, who was upset that his overtime pay had been cut.

The rampage was finally stopped by passers-by and school security guards and the 41-year-old attacker was arrested. CNN reports authorities can not confirm if children are among the dead.

Other Attacks: In July 2007, a mentally ill man wielding a wrench wounded 18 children and a teacher in a kindergarten in southern China before fleeing on a motorcycle and trying to stab himself to death.

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In February past year, a knife-wielding assailant wounded 10 children in a schoolyard in Haikou, in the southern island province of Hainan, before committing suicide.

Unconfirmed photos posted to social media and shared by Chinese news outlets appeared to show dozens of people on the ground, including injured children. At least four others were seriously injured, it said.

Authorities have not said what caused the explosion, but police were treating it as a criminal case and have targeted a suspect, according to Xinhua.

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Reuters could not independently verify the authenticity of the videos.

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