London Police Launch Criminal Probe Into Fire

Cundy says Thursday that "as the police, we investigate criminal offenses".

She added: "It is the upper floors which will be more challenging and will need some additional shoring up for us to be able to get in there".

"We as the police have started an investigation, I mentioned when I was down at the scene this morning that one of our very senior investigating officers is leading that for us", the commander said.

May did not spend time with the victims of the blaze, according to reports.

The building housed people from many countries, including Eritrea, the Philippines, Somalia and Sudan.

Entire families are missing, and the death toll is certain to rise. Many people remained unaccounted for Thursday, and officials weren't sure exactly how many were missing. 18 of them in critical condition.

The recovery operation is expected to take days to complete.

"The fire is now out, there are small pockets of smoldering". We do believe that number will sadly increase.

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"When I visited the scene, when I spoke to the emergency services, they told me that the way this fire progressed, how it took hold of this building, was rapid, it was ferocious and it was unexpected", May said in a pooled TV interview.

Flames could still be seen inside the building more than a day after the disaster.

Some parts of the tower were unsafe for firefighters to enter Thursday morning, so the fire department worked with structural engineers to shore it up so crews could conduct thorough searches for victims, Cotton said. "We owe that to the families, to the people who have lost loved ones, friends and their homes in which they lived", she said.

Thursday's search for further victims saw specially trained dogs sent into the gutted tower to hunt for bodies.

London Police said a criminal investigation had been launched, and Prime Minister Theresa May announced a public inquiry, a type of probe that's used to investigate issues of major public concern.

There were questions about why there was no sprinkler system in Grenfell Tower which could have helped stop the fire spreading, or any central smoke alarm system that would have woken sleeping residents.

The Guardian reported that charity workers and volunteers providing aid for the affected people were part of a huge relief effort.

Gurdwaras, mosques and churches opened their doors to the people rendered homeless, which included hundreds from nearby housing blocks that were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

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The heart-warming reaction, from a community nowhere near the site of the north Kensington inferno, came within hours of a call for help from the shul, with 50 volunteers sorting donations following an outpouring of kindness.

"It can not be acceptable that in London you have luxury buildings and luxury flats kept as land banking for the future while the homeless and the poor look for somewhere to live".

Questions are growing about how the flames spread so quickly, engulfing its 120 apartments.

One focus of the investigation is expected to be the building's rain-screen cladding that was installed for better insulation during the almost 10-million-pound refurbishment work carried out on the building past year.

Rydon, the firm that carried out the refurbishment work, said the project "met all required building regulations", in its latest statement following the fire.

Still, the political fallout from the tragedy intensified as Members of Parliament demanded to know why fire safety standards at the tower had not been more rigorous. Witnesses have spoken about hearing screams as the tower block burnt, and a baby was caught after getting dropped from the 10th floor of the building.

Kensington and Chelsea Council said 44 households have already been placed in emergency accommodation.

The bad fire at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas some years ago, a fire at The Inn on the Park in Toronto around the same time are just two of numerous fatal high-rise fires in North America.

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