Bill Cosby's Lawyers Ask Judge to Declare Mistrial but Motion Is Denied

Bill Cosby's Lawyers Ask Judge to Declare Mistrial but Motion Is Denied

Bill Cosby's Lawyers Ask Judge to Declare Mistrial but Motion Is Denied

He said the effects Constand described in her testimony "could be consistent with ingestion" of Benadryl.

The trial is expected to run almost two weeks, with the defense launching their case in the next few days. When asked whether he would "use them for young women you wanted to have sex with", he answered, "Yes", but said he never gave the drugs to a woman without her knowledge. He raised his walking stick in acknowledgment.

Bill Cosby has admitted to apologising to his accuser's mother over an alleged sexual assault, a Pennsylvania courtroom has heard. He waved from the back of an SUV with its window half down.

Cosby testified in 2005 and 2006 as part of a lawsuit brought against him by Constand, the former director of women's basketball operations at his alma mater, Temple University. He has said it was consensual. Constand claims the drug she was given made her helpless to react.

Cosby then re-emphasized that it was he who asked to put Andrea Constand on the phone, and continued: "What am I hoping to get if I'm guilty of drugging somebody". There's still a chance Cosby could testify at the trial.

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Constand, 44, testified this week that Cosby penetrated her with his fingers against her will after giving her pills that left her paralyzed, unable to tell him to stop. "It's not that common where a victim feels that righteously angry to want "justice" because it's much more complicated with consequences involved."However, Valliere's bias in the case was questioned by Cosby attorney Brian McMonagle, who produced a Facebook post from Valliere's clinic commenting on a news article about the case."Victory", the post read".

It's not clear yet what forms the Cosby defense will take; most notably, Deadline reports that it's looking possible that the man himself might take the stand in his own defense. "But my apology was, 'My God, I'm in trouble with these people because this is an old man and their young daughter". Robreno explained that the reason for unsealing the material was because Cosby has maintained an image as a "public moralist", and has largely benefitted from the public's trust as a result.

She said he gave her three blue pills to help with stress, assured her they were "herbal" and then groped her breasts, put his hand in her trousers and forced her to masturbate him while she lay incapacitated on a couch inside his suburban Philadelphia mansion. As for the money, that would come from "the family".

In the excerpts, Cosby spoke about apologizing to Andrea Constand and her mother during a telephone conversation about a year after Constand says he drugged and violated her.

Prosecutors are trying to show Mr. Cosby's treatment of Ms. Constand fit a pattern of predatory behavior. She testified that victims of celebrities are often frightened to come forward because of the backlash.

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The felony case was filed just days before the 12-year statute of limitations deadline on the alleged January 2004 felony attack.

Veronique Valliere, a psychologist and expert on victim response to sexual assault, testified for prosecutors that there are numerous reasons why sex assault victims delay reporting, including embarrassment or a fear of being judged.

McMonagle went on to demand that Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill declare a mistrial based on the nature of the expert witness' testimony.

Some 60 women have come forward to say Cosby sexually violated them, but the statute of limitations for prosecution had run out in almost every case.

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