Building materials in London fire under scrutiny

Building materials in London fire under scrutiny

Building materials in London fire under scrutiny

This, however, is only a quibble; even if Grenfell Tower could not have been saved, there are surely other buildings where fires will soon occur that would benefit from sprinklers.

The London mayor also said the response from Kensington and Chelsea Council has "not been good enough".

From systematically privatising public housing and the National Health Service, to loosening financial regulations and allowing banks to engage in their particular brand of casino capitalism, both Conservative and Labour governments in the United Kingdom have bought in to and endorsed the idea that markets are the best guarantors of economic efficiency and the public good.

Council leader Nicholas Paget-Brown says questions about how the fatal fire spread so quickly through the tower block "will be answered".

Both May and her ministers have said they will do all they can to help those left homeless after the blaze and make sure other high-rise buildings, usually home to poorer people, are checked and safe.

Following the meeting, May released a strongly-worded statement in which she said on-the-ground support for families in the immediate aftermath of the blaze "was not good enough".

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Omar - who was with his brother in the flat - survived the fire after they were separated on the way out.

Police say 58 people who were missing are presumed dead after the devastating fire in a London tower block, chief Stuart Cundy told reporters on Saturday.

May said phone lines at the Council would be better staffed and more staff would be deployed in the area.

They would wear high-visibility clothing so they could easily be found, dispense advice and ensure the right support is provided, she added.

Mr Hammond said the public inquiry set up by the government following the tragedy would also examine if rules had been broken.

"My government will do whatever it takes to help those affected, get justice and keep our people safe", she said.

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"It has been decided today that the public inquiry will report back to me personally".

On Friday, she was heckled on a visit to the North Kensington estate, and protesters marching on Friday and Saturday called for her resignation.

Damian Green, May's most senior minister as first secretary of state, said the government expected to appoint a chairman to lead the inquiry "in days rather than weeks".

"It is hard to escape a very sombre national mood", she said in a message marking the event. We must also prepare people for the awful reality that some people may not be identified due to the intensity of the fire.

Three have been named so far, including Syrian refugee Mohammed Alhajali, 23. It is feared many are trapped inside the blazing building as the fire broke out in the wee hours of Wednesday.

It tore through all floors of the building and took more than 200 firefighters and 24 hours to bring it under control.

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Two neighbouring Tube lines are to be partly suspended into a second day amid safety concerns of debris falling on to the tracks.

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