Rocket League is heading to the Switch with cross-play

Rocket League is heading to the Switch with cross-play

Rocket League is heading to the Switch with cross-play

"The honest answer is PlayStation has not yet granted us permission", Psyonix VP of Publishing Jeremy Dunham told Polygon regarding the reason for the Rocket League's cross-platform block on PS4. It doesn't seem healthy for anyone. From our perspective that concern is already handled. Microsoft and Nintendo are comfortable with it, but Sony is not.

"The expected price differential between Xbox One X and Xbox One S is high enough to reduce the impact of the new platform on the broader console audience". The other one is security. All we have to do is check that box and it would be up and running in less than an hour all over the world. Local multiplayer wasn't demoed in this build, so we'll have to wait and see how that will run. None of the platforms are aware of what's going on in the other's ecosystem. It's why we came up with other features that we'll announce later this year in other updates.

Trump transition, campaign told to keep Russia-related documents
It also sent a letter to Comey asking for any notes or memos. "There's a limitation on Twitter , as we all know", Sekulow said. His solution? Trump was merely responding to a "fake news" Washington Post story, and besides, tweets don't allow for nuance.

According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board, "Minecraft" game editions are rated E 10+ or generally appropriate for everyone aged 10 and above while "Rocket League" is advisable for all ages. I feel great our relationship with Minecraft... "Our position is, it's better for gaming as a whole". He's in town and he was asking me the same question.

Speaking to Waypoint, Spencer said: "I understand some people would say, "Hey, that would give me confidence in the future of Xbox"..."

Flash flood, severe thunderstorm watches issued
Showers and storms will continue to increase in coverage and move through the rest of central NY between 4 pm and 9 pm. It is projected that light to heavy showers will continue to affect sections of all parishes this evening and tonight.

"I have this analogy, and I know I use this analogy a lot, but it's like if I have an iPhone and my brother has a [Samsung] Galaxy". From our vantage point it's a competitive disadvantage not to support multiple networks, because most platforms are now doing that. Not necessarily about cross-network, but the conversation is always ongoing. From the top CEO of the company down, if you talked to Satya [Nadella, Microsoft's CEO] he would say "I understand, we need to invest in content in the gaming space". He further said that despite Microsoft's disagreement with Sony over the user's safety, they would like to change things and they are very open about that. The library and choice of games are huge and while these two game have a significant sized community of players, they aren't the "be all and end all" of the PlayStation catalogue.

Queen, Prince Visit Volunteers Helping with London Fire Aftermath
The Queen praised those who had come forward to support the many evacuated families, saying that their response had "come over very strongly".

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