The Microsoft Surface Laptop Is Unfixable

There was a time when small tech like Apple's products were incredibly hard to fix, but that was a time where iFixit didn't exist.

Just ahead of the weekend product teardown experts at iFixIt had a Microsoft Surface Laptop in the labs and scored it zero out of ten for reparability.

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The verdict then regarding the Surface Laptop is that it can not be repaired without causing considerable damage to the notebook. Today exactly the same thing was done with Microsoft Surface Pro - after opening it was the same 1 point. However, underneath the suspicious-looking rubber footpads, the folks at iFixit found metal sheets instead of metal screws. At first glance, it looks nearly impossible as every minute part inside the laptop is covered by another part or a protective cover, which held in place more than one component. And while most of the device might comfortably get through a couple of years of use, batteries are often need a midlife replacement. That's the first time they've given that score to a piece of hardware.

Indeed, the teardown experts gave the Surface Laptop a 0 Repairability Score, calling it "a glue-filled monstrosity".

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While numerous internal components are standard parts the teardown team has seen before, once the device is opened there's no way for all the king's horsemen and all the kings men to put Humpty together again. "There is nothing about it that is upgradable or long-lasting, and it literally can't be opened without destroying it".

In its findings, the iFixit team said the laptop was not meant to be opened or repaired; "you can't get inside without inflicting a lot of damage".

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