Trove of new horror species discovered in Australian abyss

Trove of new horror species discovered in Australian abyss

Trove of new horror species discovered in Australian abyss

Dr. Tim O'Hara of Museums Victoria said, "The abyss is the largest and deepest habitat on the planet, covering half the world's oceans and one-third of Australia's territory, but it remains the most unexplored environment on Earth ... until recently only a handful of samples had been collected from Australia's abyss".

But the faceless fish has been put in the shade by the latest find, located a huge 4,000 metres below the waves, the peculiar sea creature has been named the "peanut worm".

"Australia's deep sea environment is larger in size than the mainland, and until now, nearly nothing was known about life on the abyssal plain", Dr. Tim O'Hara, the expedition's Chief Scientist and Museums Victoria's Senior Curator of Marine Invertebrates, said. These were also joined by CSIRO and several other research authorities.

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The scientists were on a month-long expedition into the oceanic abyss off the Australian coast when they came across this unusual creature.

A team of scientists have discovered a weird sea creature or a peanut worm from Museums Victoria in Australia. But reports state that there will be much to learn from them.

Scientists managed to map the abyss's floor by using multibeam sonars.

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So far, it seems, the peanut worm has hijacked a conversation that maybe could've been about conservation, if the little monster weren't shaped the way it is. More than a third of them are said to be completely new to science.

The month-long mission also sought to investigate the pollution that may be occurring on the sea floor, including microplastics lying on the ocean surface. We're 100 kilometres off Australia's coast, and have found PVC pipes, cans of paints, bottles, beer cans, woodchips, and other debris from the days when steamships plied our waters. Some of the creatures will be included in an exhibit at the Melbourne Museum at an unspecified date.

The species discovered are quite freaky looking due to the fact that they adapted to living in a low to no light, freezing, very deep environment.

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