Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro vs. Nintendo Switch

While the console itself was pretty powerful, the first-party game lineup offered by the company is pretty weak.

Xbox division head Phil Spencer also confirms that the Xbox One X was built to push more developers to target 4K, and thus build up the 4K UHD adoption rate.

But early on, the Xbox One didn't become as successful as its contemporary, the PS4, especially with the latter's much-lower $400 price tag.

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That being said, the tech titan confirmed several games for the Xbox One X console. Having a supercharged console-leaps and bounds above the PlayStation 4 Pro due to an additional 2 TFLOPS-and easy development tools will enable game makers to let their titles shine on the device. Which is to say, Microsoft isn't anxious about creating a robust stable of original games any time in the near future.

There are lots of games that are exclusive to either Xbox or Sony Playstations.

"Our team of engineers are working hard to bring some of your favourite original xbox games to today's Xbox One library, including a fan favourite that I'm asked about often by the community: Crimson Skies - and it looks great". The launch of the new Xbox One X will be on November 7. If the company was to try to hit the $399 mark, which has been rumored - or, more accurately, hoped for - it would have meant cutting corners. You can go with Xbox One S, which costs $249 to $299 and enjoy over a hundred games in 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos.

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The recent unveiling of the Xbox One X, previously known as Project Scorpio in its development stage, should have Sony worrying by now.

Original Xbox backward compatibility was one of the highlights of Xbox E3 2017 press conference. For $500, you'll be getting a beast of a machine that is smaller than the Xbox One S.

"Developers are completely incentivised to give you the best experience they can".

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Spencer said that Microsoft would be making money through selling games. At the price that the XBOX One X comes in at, this was highly expected. "The box looks the way it looks with the numbers it has at the price we sell it for because that's what it took to deliver on our promises".

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