Escaped inmates from GA waive rights to extradition

Escaped inmates from GA waive rights to extradition

Escaped inmates from GA waive rights to extradition

Police say they forced their way into an elderly couple's home at gunpoint on Kingree Road in Bedford County.

And the trucker wasn't alone in seeing these two men.

According to Bedford County Sheriff Austin Swing at a press conference, Dubose and Rowe ditched a vehicle at the base of a hill in Shelbyville, covering the auto with grass and branches.

Sergeant Curtis Billue, 58, of Milledgeville will be laid to rest on June 17. Dubose, 24, and a member of the Aryan prison gang known as the Ghostface Gangsters, was sentenced to 20 years in Elbert County, and that sentence will not expire until 2034.

The two men, who were serving time for armed robbery, escaped on Tuesday in rural Putnam County, about 70 miles southeast of Atlanta, as they were being transported between two prison facilities with 31 other inmates.

"I saw two brutally murdered corrections officers, that's what I saw", said Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills recalling what he saw on the bus. "I have their blood on my shoes". But alive, which may have caught them by surprise, as earlier they told their hostages that "they'd be dead in 24 hours".

The officers' deaths quickly spurred a nationwide search for the two escaped inmates described as "dangerous beyond description" and with nothing to lose. Rowe and Dubose slowly made their way north.

"I'll say they weren't injured but I can assure you they were traumatized by these hoodlums coming into their home. Before I could get anywhere upon them, there were 25 officers out here", said Littrell. "This is a rock quarry-type place".

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The home invasion led authorities to hunt down the Jeep, which they reportedly discovered driving down I-24 and engaged in pursuit.

There the two apparently stole a auto, which they covered with grass and branches when they ditched it along a state highway in Bedford County, authorities said. They escaped on foot and were trying to steal another auto from a home in central Tennessee when the homeowner discovered them.

Officials from Tennessee say Dubose and Rowe held the couple hostage for about three hours before stealing their auto. After being held at gunpoint by the owner of the vehicle, they were finally taken back into custody. They also ate a beef stew the woman had been preparing, took valuables and clothing, and ordered the man and woman to concoct a story that would hide their identities.

A myriad of federal, state and local law enforcement agents had been scouring the state and the country for Rowe and Dubose, both serving sentences that don't allow for parole.

"They hit another vehicle and ultimately wrecked", said Rutherford County Sheriff Michael Fitzhugh.

"They've certainly had time to get out of the state", Sills said.

Dubose and Rowe crashed the stolen SUV and ran into some woods.

"They were inside the caged area of the bus", Sills said.

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These killers who had been on the run for three days could have been nearly anywhere.

The pair of inmates stole the couple's auto and a chase with authorities ensued.

Luckily, the homeowner was armed, and after calling the police and his neighbors, they were able to keep the murderers at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested them. They tied up the husband with belts, put socks on his hands, and held a gun to his head.

"We are relieved to know that these two risky individuals have been taken off the streets, and the public is out of harm's way", said Commissioner Dozier.

Donnie Russell Rowe, an escaped Georgia prisoner, was apprehended in Tennessee on June 15, 2017.

Authorities offered a $130,000 reward for information regarding Rowe and Dubose's whereabouts and one Tennessee homeowner did more than tip them off.

"This is a great day in Tennessee", Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokesman Lt. Bill Miller said in a press conference.

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