Spotify is letting record labels pay to promote songs in users' playlists

Spotify is letting record labels pay to promote songs in users' playlists

Spotify is letting record labels pay to promote songs in users' playlists

Sponsored Songs, as it's called, is a new ad unit now in testing that allows labels to promote singles on Spotify's free tier.

Music streaming service Spotify has begun testing a "sponsored song" feature in which music labels can pay to have songs appear on playlists you follow. The Sponsored Song-which, in this case, is NEIKED's "Call Me"-will be appear above a playlist and will be instantly playable and savable". They will have to tap on Your Library on the Spotify app, tap the gear icon on the upper right corner and open the new Sponsored Content Settings.

According to TechCrunch's report, the Sponsored Songs will be integrated into playlists, and will be selected based on each user's music tastes.

It may be an annoying feature for some Spotify users, but it isn't exactly surprising.

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This option will appear in both free tier and premium settings menus but it's unclear at present if it is possible for free tier users to switch off the new feature.

It is not immediately clear how Spotify will charge the labels-whether it will be based on impressions, actions, listens, etc.

As of now, Spotify is still testing Sponsored Songs and has not officially been rolled out as a feature. When targeted well, users might not even notice a song is sponsored.

The feature is now available to a small selection of trial users, but could be rolled out worldwide if successful. Those subscribed to Spotify Premium won't be able to see this setting.

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Spotify is always being pulled in three different directions: what's best for the artists, what's best for the users, and what's best for it's bottom line. Last year, the company lost around $601 million, despite its increasing number of active users.

Spotify didn't say how it will measure the success of the test. At least some users are also given the option to disable these sponsored songs by toggling off the option in their account settings.

At the same time, Sponsored Songs hearken back to the dark days of radio payola, where labels paid DJs at radio stations to put their artists' songs on the air.

Spotify is testing Sponsored Songs, a new way for labels to promotes singles.

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