WI attorney general happy redistricting on hold

WI attorney general happy redistricting on hold

WI attorney general happy redistricting on hold

The Campaign Legal Center brought a motion with the justices last month, asking them to affirmi a November decision by the Seventh Circuit. State and federal legislative district boundaries are reconfigured every decade after the census, so each holds about same number of people.

What the Republicans did is called gerrymandering, a centuries-old practice of creating legislative districts that favor one party over another. The court, however, said the state's natural political geography "does not explain adequately the sizeable disparate effect" seen in the previous two election cycles.

"If the court is not willing to draw a line here, it would suggest the court is unlikely ever to feel comfortable setting a limit".

The Supreme Court split 5-4 on Monday in ordering that work to be halted while the high court considers the Wisconsin case.

The challengers to the Wisconsin districts say it is an extreme example of redistricting that has led to ever-increasing polarization in American politics because so few districts are genuinely competitive between the parties. "It is clear that the drafters got what they meant to get".

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USA district maps for state and federal elections are drawn up every 10 years following a census. "However the Court rules will affect elections for years to come".

Four justices - only Justice Clarence Thomas remains of that group - said it was not the court's business to make such decisions.

"No matter which side of the aisle you're on, we should all be able to agree on one thing: As voters in a democracy, we should have the right to freely choose our representatives rather than endure a system where politicians manipulate our district lines, dilute our votes, and choose their own constituents". In that case and again in 2006, Kennedy didn't find one.

"This will be the biggest and most important election law case in decades".

The judges found Republicans had gone overboard in taking partisanship into account in drawing the maps, thus violating the free association rights and the guarantee of equal protection under the law.

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Rep. Fred Kessler, D-Milwaukee said he's glad the high court will hear Wisconsin's case, even though it is reviewing a lower court decision that Democratic voters won. It essentially measures and compares each party's wasted votes -those going to the victor in excess of what's needed for victory - in an election. They argued that Democratic voters were spread so thinly across the state that it was impossible for Democratic legislative candidates to be elected and achieve a majority.

In California, redistricting is the responsibility of an independent commission set up to ensure no one party unduly influences the outcome.

While courts have overturned legislative district maps based on racial discrimination, judges have shied away from striking down districts drawn to maximize a party's political power.

"As a result, in the first election under the plan", the statement continues, "Republicans won a supermajority of 60 out of 99 seats despite losing the statewide vote for the Assembly". They now have their largest majorities in the state House and Senate in decades.

The officials said in their appeal that the Republican advantage was a reflection of the concentration of Democrats in urban areas, as well as the benefits of GOP incumbency. Democrats consistently win statewide elections in Virginia, he said, pointing to both senators and the three statewide offices of governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

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