Australia to resume airstrikes against ISIS targets soon

Australia to resume airstrikes against ISIS targets soon

Australia to resume airstrikes against ISIS targets soon

The US pilot proceeded to fire off a second missile, an AIM 120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile, which hit its intended target, downing the Syrian warplane and forcing its pilot to eject, the officials added. It was observed heading toward coalition forces, who were outside the outpost, officials said. An ABC news report said that the Syrian plane actually dropped bombs on rebel forces fighting the Islamic State rather than just near them.

The coalition statement said the location was close to where another "pro-regime" drone - which intelligence sources had also identified as Iranian - was shot down on June 8 after dropping bombs near coalition forces.

"The coalition presence in Syria addresses the imminent threat ISIS in Syria poses globally", the US military said in a statement, referring to the Islamic State group, which controls a swath of territory in eastern Syria.

Australia will resume air combat missions over Syria after the Australian Defence Force lifted a temporary suspension initially sparked by Russian threats to shoot down coalition planes.

That is where US forces have been training and advising local Syrian Arabs for the fight against Islamic State militants.

Suspension is "precautionary measure" amid rising tensions between Russian Federation and United States over downing of a Syrian jet.

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Uri Tours, which is based in the United States and has an office in Shanghai, said it was "reviewing" its position. Other companies released statements saying they were reviewing whether to continue taking Americans to the North.

As well as announcing that US-led coalition warplanes would be tracked, Russia's ministry of defence suspended a hotline set up to avoid clashes between U.S. and Russian aircraft over Syria.

The drone, a Shaheed-129, was hit by an F-15E Strike Eagle after it "displayed hostile intent and advanced on coalition forces", the US military said in a statement.

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The incident follows Sunday's downing of a Syrian SU-22, a Russian-made attack jet.

Daraa-based activist Ahmad al-Masalmeh says fighting is now underway in the city.

Daraa is where the March 2011 uprising against the Assad family's four-decade rule began.

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The Syrian army has been able to make rapid advances allowing them to reach the border for the first time in years.

On Monday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps demonstrated some of its military prowess by launching ballistic missile strikes from western Iran against ISIS targets in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zour, according to The Guardian.

"The de-confliction line has proven effective at mitigating strategic miscalculations and escalating tense situations, and to be clear, we prefer to keep this channel of communication open". One of the officials said that UAV "was assessed as a threat". War is politics by other means, and when it starts it takes on a life of its own.

The missiles were apparently in response to an IS-claimed attack on the Iranian parliament earlier this month which killed more than a dozen people.

Australian Defence Force Chief Mark Binskin said on Wednesday the operations were halted while the Australians examined what was happening in what he had described as a "complex piece of airspace" over Syria.

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