Trump Suggests His 'Tapes' Tweet Was To Keep Comey Honest

Spicer said at a daily news briefing on Friday that the administration would respond. Shortly after, The New York Times reported details of a private dinner between the two men.

Some legal experts have said that Trump's threat could be used in an obstruction of justice case against him, since it could be interpreted as putting pressure on Comey not to discuss their conversations about the FBI's Russian Federation investigation. Trump added he was "100 percent" willing to repeat these accusations under oath.

Comey, for his part, seemed to be just as wary of his interactions with the president. Unless they have Trump serve out the remainder of his presidency in the PEOC, strapped to a hand-truck with a Hannibal Lecter mask, he will continue to be his own worst public relations enemy.

Comey additionally detailed, in the written statement, a February 14 Oval Office meeting in which Trump allegedly discussed former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

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"The reality is that he wanted to make sure the truth came out and by talking about something like tapes it made people have to-made Comey in particular think to himself, 'I'd better be honest, I'd better tell the truth about the circumstances regarding the situation, '" Spicer said. "You'll have to take a look at that, because then he has to tell what actually took place at the events".

President Donald Trump says he always told a "straight story" about whether he recorded his private conversations with his fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey.

Asked by Fox News Channel whether Mueller should "recuse himself from the investigation", Trump said three times "we'll have to see", and argued that Mueller's long friendship with fired FBI director James Comey and hiring of investigators with Democratic ties are "very bothersome" and "ridiculous". "But you'll have to determine for yourself whether or not [Comey's] story changed. He did admit that what I said was right".

If President Trump has "no intention" of firing special counsel Robert Mueller, as the White House insisted last week, he sure has a amusing way of showing it. "But, I don't think it will be that hard".

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Trump wrote on Twitter on Thursday, a day before the deadline, that he did not know if there were recordings of his conversations with Comey, but he did not make or have any such recordings.

Earlier this month, Mr Comey testified to Congress that Mr Trump had pressured him to drop the investigation into Mr Flynn.

The discussions will focus on ensuring that the subcommittee's investigation is not interfering with Mueller's probe, one source said.

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