European negotiators underwhelmed by British offer on rights

European negotiators underwhelmed by British offer on rights

European negotiators underwhelmed by British offer on rights

The move has been criticised by some in the EU who want the European Court of Justice to remain as the body which has the final say on any legal disputes involving those EU citizens remaining in Britain.

The 17-page policy paper stresses that Europeans are "valued members of their communities" in Britain, but makes clear any deal is contingent on Brussels agreeing reciprocal rights for around one million British expats living elsewhere in Europe.

Cut off date: The cut-off date for eligibility has yet to be decided which leaves yet more questions over when the five-year period of eligibility will be measured from.

The EU has said before tackling trade and their future relationship that there needs to be "significant progress" on EU priorities, including its demand that Britain settle a "Brexit bill" and the rights of expatriate citizens.

A third of non-British workers in the United Kingdom - 1.2 million people - could leave the country over the next five years, according to a report warning of a possible post-Brexit brain drain.

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"I believe it s a generous offer", she said, adding that it would provide "reassurance and certainty".

Her plan, however, was met with jeers and heckles by opposition lawmakers in the House of Commons, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn described the pledge as "too little, too late".

Despite receiving a frosty response when she outlined the proposals at the Brussels summit on Friday, the Prime Minister insisted the reaction from some individual leaders had been "very positive".

Some EU officials welcomed some elements of the proposal.

But London argues that one of the reasons to leave the European Union is to "take back control" of British laws, and has rejected this - setting up a major clash.

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Yesterday's citizens offer laid bare: "Family dependants who join a qualifying European Union citizen in the United Kingdom before the UK's exit will be able to apply for settled status after five years".

A Number 10 spokeswoman said: "The position the Prime Minister has set out many times hasn't changed".

In another move likely to irk Brussels, officials confirmed that European Union nationals would need some form of identity document. This means they will be free to reside in any capacity, to access public funds and services and to apply for British citizenship.

The government also unveiled plans to exclude "serious or persistent criminals, and those whom we consider a threat to the UK" - which was a potent issue for "leave" campaigners.

But Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) chief economist Julian Jessop - head of the think tank's Brexit Unit, which launched on Monday - said that the "upper limit" for any payment should be £21 billion for liabilities under the EU's multi-year budget stretching up to 2020, along with around £5 billion for pensions and other one-off items.

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"Our offer will give those 3 million EU citizens in the United Kingdom certainty about the future of their lives, and a reciprocal agreement will provide the same certainty for the more than 1 million United Kingdom citizens who are living in the European Union", May said.

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