Justices to review New Jersey bid for legal sports betting

Justices to review New Jersey bid for legal sports betting

Justices to review New Jersey bid for legal sports betting

"The Constitution does not rank certain rights above others, and I do not think this Court should impose such a hierarchy by selectively enforcing its preferred rights". "The approach taken by the en banc court is indefensible, and the petition raises important questions that this Court should address".

For those of us who work in marbled halls, guarded constantly by a vigilant and dedicated police force, the guarantees of the Second Amendment might seem antiquated and superfluous. "Business owners have a right to run their businesses the way they choose".

"This Court has already suggested that the Second Amendment protects the right to carry firearms in public in some fashion", As we explained in Heller, to bear arms means to wear, bear, or carry upon the person or in the clothing or in a pocket, for the objective of being armed and ready for offensive or defensive action in a case of conflict with another person.

The lawsuit originates out of San Diego, California.

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The Arkansas court said state officials do not have to list both same-sex spouses as named parents on birth certificates, even though state law allows a birth mother's opposite-sex husband to be listed when the baby is not biologically related to him.

Though the US professional sports leagues have opposed New Jersey in court, a number of them have shown an evolution of thought on sports gambling.

"Based on the overwhelming consensus of historical sources, we conclude that the protection of the Second Amendment - whatever the scope of that protection may be - simply does not extend to the carrying of concealed firearms in public by members of the general public", Judge William Fletcher wrote for the majority.

No date has been set for the one-hour oral arguments in front of the Supreme Court justices, though a timeline for the case appears to be taking shape. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor noted that they would have granted review, but they gave no reasons. The law has an exception for "any state offense classified by the laws of the state as a misdemeanor and punishable by a term of imprisonment of two years or less".

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They were convicted of minor, nonviolent crimes decades ago, they said, and received no jail time.

The justices will review a lower court ruling against the state, which is hoping to capture some of the estimated $150 billion that is illegally wagered on sports each year.

The Supreme Court could possibly hear the case as early as late September and if the state is successful and the court decides that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), a federal law which limits sports gambling to Nevada, is unconstitutional, any state could decide to legalize sports betting.

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