SCOTUS Will Hear Baker's Refusal to Bake Gay Wedding Cake

SCOTUS Will Hear Baker's Refusal to Bake Gay Wedding Cake

SCOTUS Will Hear Baker's Refusal to Bake Gay Wedding Cake

Colorado is one of the states whose laws protect gay couples, and Jack Phillips, the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colo., was charged with violating it.

Chris Christie says he is encouraged by the Supreme Court's decision to take up the state's effort to allow sports betting at its casinos and racetracks.

The United States Supreme Court just agreed to decide a case about whether a business can refuse to sell commercial goods to a gay couple because of the business owner's religious beliefs.

The controversy began in July 2012 when David Mullins and Charlie Craig visited Masterpiece Cakeshop to order a cake for their upcoming wedding reception.

Deciding not to speak in favor of an event, or not to associate with certain people in a public event, or to act according to a sincerely held religious belief that marriage is between a man and a woman is triply defended by the First Amendment.

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"It solidified the right of our community to have a right to public accommodations, so future couples are not turned away from a business because of who they are", Mullins said Monday.

Several civil rights groups filed legal papers supporting the couples.

If the courts do make such a ruling, the battle is far from over in southern states. They wanted the cake for the occasion.

ADF General Counsel Michael Farris echoed those sentiments, saying it was likely the court would start hearings in the late fall.

In another case of "how can this be a thing that was still allowed to happen", the Supreme Court has ruled against a law that allowed some states to treat same-sex couples differently than opposite-sex couples on children's birth certificates. Emphasizing their non-violent offenses and light sentences, they argued the law violates their right to keep and bear arms under the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment.

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A baker says a law requiring him to make cakes for same-sex marriages amounts to taking his artistic freedom. The commission issued a ruling in 2014 that Phillips had violated the state's law which banned discrimination based on sexual orientation. "That's discrimination and it's based on who they are".

The appeals court majority said the Second Amendment "simply does not extend to the carrying of concealed firearms in public by members of the public".

The two men married in MA but wanted to celebrate their nuptials with friends in Colorado. Jeremy Tedesco, an attorney for The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which has taken on religious liberty cases in the past, commented on the case.

He says he honours God through the art of decorating cakes, and that it would displease God if he were to bake a cake for a gay marriage.

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