Supreme Court will review President Trump's travel ban

Supreme Court will review President Trump's travel ban

Supreme Court will review President Trump's travel ban

The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday that President Donald Trump's travel ban on vi. The president announced the travel ban a week after he took office in January and revised it in March after setbacks in court.

It was a legal win for the administration — to an extent. This means that people from six countries and refugees who have a family, business or other relationships cannot be banned from entering. "I want people who can love the United States and all of its citizens, and who will be hardworking and productive", Trump added.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she doesn't really do Twitter, but sometimes visits the site to check out what U.S. President Donald Trump has to say.

"This decision is a true compromise", said Kari Hong, an immigration law expert at Boston College Law School. "The justices that would have allowed the entire ban to go into affect even said in their opinion that this implies that the court thinks that the government will succeed". To the Ninth Circuit the government argued that the circuit had engaged in, as the Supreme Court put it, "judicial second-guessing of the President's judgement on a matter of national security".

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"What about other relationships? So, we can expect some interesting moves from courts deciding what counts as a 'bona fide relationship'". When that relationship is with an individual, the court made clear, it must be a close family member.

"We expect our leaders to be courageous enough to stand up for human rights and against policies that put lives at risk, while perpetuating hate and fear", NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan said in a statement.

What's not bona fide? And when the relationship is with an institution, the relationship must also be a genuine one, rather than one created just to get around the travel ban.

Still, Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch found that guidance confusing and unworkable. A senior US official familiar with the situation said the Trump administration has plans in place to relaunch the stalled ban and tourists will be among those kept out. It was blocked by the federal judges before going into effect on March 16 as planned.

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On Thursday, two portions of President Trump's travel plan will go into effect. It blocks a ban for people who can demonstrate a US connection.

Matt Adams, legal director of the Seattle-based Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, which filed one of many lawsuits against the policy, said he still expects some confusion at airports, at least initially. Refugees, legal US residents and visa holders were turned back at airports or barred from boarding USA -bound planes. For example, if a vacationer has a reservation at a hotel in the United States, does that qualify as a "bona fide relationship"? "What's more hard is if you're coming in on a tourist visa".

"I think you have wrong people on both sides of the extreme", Dershowitz told Boston Herald Radio's "Morning Meeting" co-hosts Jaclyn Cashman and Hillary Chabot. That review should be complete before October 2, the first day the justices could hear arguments in their new term. But by then, a key provision may have expired, possibly making the review unnecessary. After all, in agreeing to hear the case in October, the justices could have left the temporary stay in place pending a final ruling.

The nine chairs of the Justices lined up in the Court Chamber of the US Supreme Court.

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"The underlying issue of presidential power is too important and too likely to occur in the future", he said.

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