Trump's Partial Victory on Travel Ban

Trump's Partial Victory on Travel Ban

Trump's Partial Victory on Travel Ban

The March 6 motion called for a 90-day ban on passengers entering the United States from Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, and a 120-day ban on all refugees, using that time to allow the government to introduce more stringent checks on borders.

The Supreme Court of US passed a conquest to President Donald Trump by permitting his impermanent ban on travelers from six Muslim-majority countries and all refugees to go into effect for people with no strong links to the United States while approving to decide this fall the legitimacy of the order.

The Iranian government did not immediately comment on the ban, which would apply to Iran and five other Muslim-majority countries.

The ban is scheduled to take effect within 72 hours of the court's ruling.

What did the court decide about Trump's travel ban? He got this victory on Monday. A senior USA official familiar with the situation said the Trump administration has plans in place to relaunch the stalled ban and tourists will be among those kept out. The Supreme Court noted that no foreign national has any right to admission into this country for any reason. "I want people who can love the United States and all of its citizens, and who will be hardworking and productive", Trump added.

Trump's initial travel ban, issued without warning on a Friday in January, brought chaos and protests to airports nationwide as travelers from seven targeted countries were barred even if they had prior permission to come to the U.S. The State Department canceled up to 60,000 visas but later reversed that decision.

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The other basic portion of Trump's initiative, which will remain partially blocked, will be the prohibition on USA entry to citizens of Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Libya, although entry will be allowed for people from those countries who have relatives or job contracts in the US.

The original measure also included Iraq and an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees.

A full hearing on the issue is set for October.

The judges "essentially adopted a middle course" between the government's request to uphold Trump's order and the ACLU's appeals to stay the ban, he told AFP.

The ruling was seen as at least a partial victory for Trump in the biggest court case of his presidency. "(It) will burden executive officials with the task of deciding - on peril of contempt - whether individuals from the six affected nations who wish to enter the United States have a sufficient connection with a person or entity in this country".

Gingrich also said the 9th Circuit should be "profoundly overhauled". Examples provided of the sort of relationship that qualifies include: (a) the foreign national has a close familial relationship and wishes to enter the United States to live with or visit a family member, (b) the foreign national is a student who has been admitted to a US school, (c) the foreign national accepted an offer of employment from an American company, and (d) the foreign national is a lecturer invited to address an American audience.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions voiced confidence the government would prevail when the nation's top judges hear the case.

What about refugees coming from places like Syria or other war-torn countries?

"It is crucial that we properly vet those seeking to come to America from these locations, and failing to do so puts us all in danger". "What's more hard is if you're coming in on a tourist visa".

The high court allowed parts of the travel ban to stand and agreed to hear the case in the fall.

Even without the ban in place, arrivals from the six countries have dropped sharply, in part due to "extreme vetting" by U.S. authorities.

But the other six kept blocking it as it applies to those traveling to the US on employment, student or family immigrant visas as well as other cases where the traveler can show a "bona fide" connection to the U.S.

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