US President Donald Trump unpopular worldwide

US President Donald Trump unpopular worldwide

US President Donald Trump unpopular worldwide

Seventy-four percent of global respondents told the Pew Research Center they had no confidence in President Donald Trump, compared to 64 percent of respondents who said they were confident in President Barack Obama at the end of his term.

Mr Trump was the lowest rated of the world's major leaders.

Most of his trademark policies are also unpopular, including his proposed wall on the Mexican border, his withdrawal from the Paris climate change treaty and his ban on immigrants from several mainly Muslim countries.

Five months into Trump's presidency, the survey spanning 37 nations showed US favorability ratings in the rest of the world slumping to 49 percent from 64 percent at the end of Barack Obama's eight years in the White House. Russians' confidence in the US president to do the right thing regarding world affairs jumped considerably, rising from 11 percent for Obama to 53 percent for Trump.

The Pew Research Center's Global Attitudes survey have been tracking global opinions of the United States and its president since 2002.

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Among the 37 countries polled, Russian Federation and Israel were the only ones in which people said they trust Trump more than they did Obama. Monday's edition is the first conducted since Trump took office in January. In many European countries, confidence in the U.S. is comparable with the figure in 2003, when George Bush announced plans to invade Iraq.

The survey, based on interviews conducted in 37 countries, found that Trump's first six months in the White House have done more to harm public opinion of the us around the world than George W. Bush's entire eight-year tenure.

The results are based on telephone and face-to-face interviews conducted among 40,447 respondents in 37 countries in all regions of the world between February 16 and May 8.

Poll results in Mexico show some of the most dramatic drops in confidence for the USA president - from 49 percent under Obama to 5 percent under Trump.

More than seven in 10 disagree with Mr Trump's proposals to pull the United States out of a landmark climate change agreement and withdraw from multinational trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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Even as the U.S president is looked at with apprehension, people across the globe still had more regard for the American people as opposed to the a country. Although 55 percent said he is a strong leader, just 26 percent believe he is well-qualified to be president, and only 23 percent believe he cares about ordinary people. However, the opinions have become much more favorable since 2015.

However, there was some good news for the American people, in that they remain relatively popular despite their leader.

While 55 percent see Trump as a strong leader, larger majorities of those surveyed said they see him as arrogant, 75 percent; intolerant, 65 percent; and unsafe, 62 percent.

The depths of disapproval registered overseas suggest that Trump has undone the progress Obama made in burnishing the American brand.

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