Children forced to fight alongside Islamic State — Philippine military

Children forced to fight alongside Islamic State — Philippine military

Children forced to fight alongside Islamic State — Philippine military

What's more telling in the military's punto de vista, however, is that the five-year frame of Speaker Alvarez seems on the long side. "There should be basis before issuing recommendation to our commander in chief", Padilla told reporters in a chance interview.

He also warned the public against sharing unverified information about the death toll in Marawi City siege.

The AFP also belied reports that the government plans to declare martial law in the entire country. This is nothing like the Marcos martial law at all.

Proclamation 216 is only effective for one more week. "It could be submitted next week or before the 60-day period [of martial law in Mindanao] ends", he added. The decree is set to expire in 10 days.

The military stationed in Mindanao said they are supporting whatever decision Congress will be make on the extension of martial law. Mr. Marcos was overthrown in 1986 by a People Power revolution.

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The president of the philippines Rodrigo Duterte has decreed, in the early hours of the fighting the martial law on the whole of the south of the Philippines.

However, the court has yet to act on two other petitions filed against Proclamation No. 216 seeking to compel Congress to convene and deliberate on the declaration.

"The worldwide community may already conclude that we have long term problems as far as peace and order is concerned, but I can see that martial law is still badly needed in Marawi, in parts of Lanao del Sur and ARMM (Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao) where the extremist groups are based", Roque said.

"Civil and political rights continue to be violated by checkpoints, random searches by AFP soldiers, threats against the right to express views, and so on", the CPP said.

About 300 civilians remain trapped in their homes in areas of fighting or are held by the militants, he said.

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He said those who disobeyed the extremists' order were shot dead - prompting other captives to fight alongside Maute.

"As disturbing as it is, our troops are doing their best to avoid any casualty among these children that are being employed", he said.

"But in the event. they bear arms and are involved in the fighting, there is nothing much that we can do".

Lucman said that he hid 144 people in total, but after running out of supplies they had to make a daring escape through the streets, dodging bombings and snipers. "So there's no question about that", he said. "Similarly with the hostages being forced [to fight]", he added.

The ongoing battle, which broke out on May 23, to retake the city has damaged many houses and buildings and has so far killed 507, including 379 terrorists, 39 civilians and 89 soldiers and policemen.

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The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and some lawmakers put their foot down on the proposal to prolong the implementation of martial law by five years, saying there is no basis for it. "Do not kid me that we will talk", Duterte said.

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